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#ParkMeinPDA: Claiming Public Spaces is a collaborative campaign that asserts unequivocally that moral policing in public or even indeed private spaces is unacceptable. Recent incidents across the country suggest that couples are being routinely harassed for being together in public or private irrespective of them being married or not. The recent case in Kerala leaves no room for suspicion.

We are enraged about this. We have as much right to be in a public place as anyone else, with whomsoever we want, without fear. This campaign is an effort to do the same. We invite people to Join us for a multi-city campaign to claim spaces where we rightfully belong but are instead often detained, hassled, questioned and threatened. We will freely claim spaces that publicly belong to everyone, no matter which region, religion, caste, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc we identify with.

Let’s raise a collective voice against moral policing. Let’s make some noise. Let’s get heard. Let’s reclaim our right to be wherever we want, whenever we want, with whomsoever we want to be with – and all this khullam khulla (openly)!

Featured Image Credit: Neha Gupta