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All protests are not marches, some are strolls,” says the #WhyLoiter campaign to encourage women to assert their right to safe public spaces.

#WhyLoiter’s agenda is to create an awareness that women do and indeed should access the city for fun, without purpose.

It intends to make the point that women loiter and should feel comfortable doing so. We’re responding to the continued images that suggest ‘women are in danger in public’ in the media to argue that women are in no more danger in public than at home. In fact statistics suggest that women are in more danger at home.

We include not just cis-women but trans-women, dalit and queer women, women with disabilities and anyone who identifies as woman. In doing so, we hope to create a conversation and target victim blaming in order to assert women’s right to the city, the right to take risks.

Check out our tweetchat on the ABC of loitering in Hyderabad too.

Featured Image Credit: Why Loiter

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