International Women's Day 2015: #WomenWhoInspire

IWD 2015- Feminism In India

What We Did

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

This International Women’s Day we are calling for change and to celebrate and acts of courage and determination by everyday women who have played a role in their own communities and inspired you- we bring you to the #WomenWhoInspire campaign.

Inspiration comes from all areas of life and this IWD 2015 we are talking about women we never talk about. They are not celebrities, they are neither famous nor popular. They are us, we are they.

They can be your colleague who stood up against the unfair treatment of a peon. They can be your domestic help who ensured her daughter’s education hence delaying her early marriage. Maybe your teacher who took education out of the traditional classroom or a woman in your neighbourhood who celebrated the birth of her second girl child. Or your friend who is raising her child as a single mother against societal odds.

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