May 17th, on the occasion of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia, Feminism in India co-hosted a tweet-chat with Gaysi Family, Gaylaxy Magazine and Orinam to talk about LGBTQIA+ phobias within and outside the Indian queer community.

We decided to use the hahstag #IDAHOBIT2016 instead of the global hashtag #IDAHOT2016. There has been heated discussions with the IDAHOT organisers and the global queer community about inclusion of Bi- and Intersex people. Many from the queer community opted for #IDAHOBIT2016. IDAHOBIT is certainly pronounceable and inclusive: HOmo-, Bi-, Intersex and Trans- phobias. Some background information can be read here. In the UK, the Day is increasingly known as IDAHOBiT*, in Latin America Lesbophobia is almost systematically included and placed first. To ensure even more inclusion and reflect the diversity of sexual and gender minorities, the baseline “A global celebration of sexual and gender diversities” has been created at the global level. This is probably the only “solution” to the issue of inclusion and reflection of other diversities, such as Queer, Asexual, Pansexual and regional identities such as Hijras, Weres, Two-Spirit, etc. The Day is not one central trademarked brand and everyone is free to communicate as they wish. This creates inconsistency but this is the cost to bear for large ownership.

In the tweet-chat, we discussed the Indian queer movement’s goals and who benefits from it. Is the queer movement intersectional and how does it stand in solidarity with other movements. We also discussed phobia within the queer movement and the important need of visibility of LBT women. The chat focussed on such issues as prevention of and crisis response to violence arising from LGBTIQ*-phobias, tackling intra-community phobias and prejudice, goals of India’s queer movement, allyship, peer education, and solidarity with other social justice movements in the country. We obviously had some trolls (read LGBTQIA+ phobics) too. Check the Storify below for the entire tweet-chat.

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