These Four Grassroots Women Leaders Travelled Across the Country for Land Rights

Women were welcomed with love wherever they went during the Mahila Bhumi Samvad Yatra

The women, moved by the speeches of the grassroots women leaders, often came up to them to hug them and express solidarity.

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The AR Rahman Controversy And Hijab As A Political Symbol

The AR Rahman Controversy And Hijab As A Political Symbol

The legendary musician AR Rahman‘s daughter made a public appearance wearing hijab, bringing hijab into the limelight with a lot of discourse around it.

Students Of Tamil Nadu Central University On Hunger Strike After Wrongful Termination Of Faculty...

The agenda behind such an immediate action by the Central University of Tamil Nadu is clearly to silence the emerging voices within the campus – both from the faculty and the students, and thereby uproot the inception of faculty-student relationships that have the potential to limit this centralisation of power.

Don’t Let Marriage Hold You Back: In Conversation With Anita Peter

Anita Peter is a Mohiniyattam performer and the founder of Lasya Drutha, Center for performing and fine arts foundation in Telangana. In May 2017, she did an 8000 km expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari riding her Harley Street 750 to carry her social initiative ‘I Pledge- Awareness for change’.