Gulbadan Begum

On #WorldBookDay, our #FIIMotivation is Gulbadan Banu Begum, whose work Ahval-I Humayun Badshah – an intimate history of the reign of Humayun – is the only surviving Mughal history written by a woman in 16th century Mughal India. #MondayMotivation

The sister of Humayun, Gulbadan Begum came to write about Babur and Humayun’s reign after being persuaded by her nephew Akbar.

Scholars have described how Gulbadan’s history ‘lights up a woman’s world’. Gulbadan’s focus is on the everyday life of the royal family.

She writes about the anxieties and pressures of the women in the royal family and even charts the emperor’s travels through the minds of the women in his household. The book also gives an account of the rare pilgrimage to Mecca that the women of the family undertook.

Our #FIIMotivation is Gayathri Subran, the first Dalit woman to helm an aircraft in India. Hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, Gayathri is on the verge of obtaining her commercial pilot license at the age of 20. #MondayMotivation
Our #FIIMotivation is Deepika Singh Rajawat, who has reported being threatened by members of the Jammu & Kashmir Bar Association for representing the case of Asifa Bano.

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