Thursday, November 26, 2020
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

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Feminism in India is an intersectional Indian feminist media platform that has emerged as one of the biggest voices for women, trans and non-binary people from diverse sociopolitical backgrounds to write their lived experiences. You can read more about FII here.

In a media environment that constantly speaks over and for minorities, we value the ethics of non-appropriation by centering the voices of the marginalized. Our work is not influenced by any corporate group or political party, and we work hard to stay true to our intersectional feminist principles. Rather than echoing a Western feminist ethos, we make sure that our content is rooted in its Indian context, and speak about the lives, histories and events of the Indian feminist movement.

However, building a relatable, thought-provoking and informative feminist platform requires a lot of time, effort and money. We are trying to keep our website ad-free, because let’s be real, everyone hates ads!

We are mostly boot-strapped and require funds to keep the website running ad-free, and pay for our core costs like a small office space, salaries of our core team members (just four people). We also want to be able to pay our brilliant writers better rates, have more feminist events (possibly in cities outside of Delhi-NCR), and create more feminist resources that are rather time-intensive.

A few hundred rupees or a few thousand would go a long way in helping us stay free and keep serving you the fresh feminist content that you love! In case you do, tweet to us @FeminismInIndia and let us know! We appreciate it! 🙂