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FII runs strategic digital campaigns on its highly-engaged platform and social channels for social good organisations to amplify issues which align with our vision and mission.

#WhyCSE: CSE In The Classroom

#WhyCSE: CSE In The Classroom

FII and TARSHI have launched a campaign #WhyCSE - CSE In The Classroom to emphasize the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools.
#ThePadEffect: Re-valuing Menstruation

#ThePadEffect: Re-valuing Menstruation

#ThePadEffect campaign explores the intersection between sustainable menstruation and culture. It is time we re-value menstruation because life depends on it.
#IndianWomenInHistory: Remembering The Untold Legacies of Indian Women

#IndianWomenInHistory: Remembering The Untold Legacies of Indian Women

In #IndianWomenInHistory campaign, we will remember the untold legacies of women who shaped India for the month of March, which is globally celebrated as Women's History Month.
#DigitalHifazat - Campaign To End Cyber Violence Against Women In India

#DigitalHifazat – Campaign To Combat Cyber Violence Against Women In India

Based on our research report, we are running a campaign against online abuse and harassment that women face, especially on social media websites. Our campaign #DigitalHifazat campaigns for a secure and safe internet for all.
Mental Health: We Need #SupportNotStigma

Mental Health: We Need #SupportNotStigma

This World Mental Health Day, i.e October 10, 2016, we need #SupportNotStigma - a campaign for mental health support and end of stigma.
Let's claim #NotAllMen

Let’s claim #NotAllMen

It's time we claim the #NotAllMen hashtag and change the narrative!
Everyday Women Who Inspire You

Everyday Women Who Inspire You

This International Women’s Day we are calling for change and to celebrate and acts of courage and determination by everyday women who have played a role in their own communities and inspired you- we bring you to the #WomenWhoInspire campaign.

Survivor Stories Of Sexual Harassment

One in three women worldwide face abuse, violence and rape everyday. In no country of the world are women free from this fear and terror.

(Mis)Representation Of Gender-based Violence In Media

#GBVInMedia: A campaign by Feminism in India on media representation of gender-based violence.

‘I Need Feminism’ Campaign

‘I need Feminism’ campaign is a public awareness campaign aimed at asking people why and how feminism is important to them.

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Lakshmi – A Must Watch Short Film On Conjugality And Sexuality

Directed by Sarjun KM, Lakshmi is a radical departure from a monochromatic portrayal of a middle-class woman trapped in a loveless marriage.
Aziz Ansari

‘Good Men’, Let’s Talk About Aziz Ansari, Shall We?

The Aziz Ansari story is a clear indication of how ‘good men’ perceive sex: as some kind of a prize they deserve.
This Is What Intimate Partner Rape Looks Like | Feminism In India

This Is What Intimate Partner Rape Looks Like

Most people who saw me regularly at the time would vouch that I was perfectly happy and normal. That doesn’t change the reality that I was experiencing intimate partner rape.