Saturday, February 22, 2020
This is what a feminist marriage looks like

This Is What My Feminist Marriage Looks Like

My feminist identity and my feminist marriage coexist and do so wonderfully, despite the judgment I faced for marrying early!
shave my head

Why I Decided To Shave My Head

Having my head shaven was an amazingly liberating feeling. It made me experience a high of being totally free in that moment.
All The Brown Women In Me Are Tired

All The Brown Women In Me Are Tired

All the brown women in me are tired. The one who is Indian, the fraud Indian, the never-good-enough Indian, the single Indian, the atheist traitor. I neither belong at home nor outside. I am tired of telling my stories again and again, not the stories about me but the ones about the Indian woman in me.
Short Hair

Why I Dreaded Visits To The Barber: On Short Hair And Hair Politics

Patriarchy is afraid of a ‘little’ length. Whether it is short hair or short skirts, society always wants us women to keep it long. Too bad.

I Am Not In A Relationship, But I Am Not Single Either

By “relationships”, we mean only one relationship, which is that of romantic lover or spouse, by “family” we understand only one format, comprising a couple and their children.
It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn't Terrible, Oral Rape Is

It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn’t Terrible, Oral Rape Is

Took me years to peel off your words from my skin. Took me years to rub the roses off my eyes and see the red flags as they were. Took me years to learn oral sex isn't terrible, rape is. And that is what it was.
Women Complainants

Women Complainants And Their Plight In Kerala: How I Was Shamed For Following Due...

When people whose very duty is to protect the citizens, fail to do the basic minimum, who do I turn to? What happens to women complainants in our society?
single mother

What Its Like Being A Single Mother Raising A Girl

You don't need a man to support you or your child, you are equally capable of raising a child as a single mother.

The Pain Of Being An Indian ‘Bahu’

In-laws envisage the hapless bahu to behave like a robot, silently obey orders of elders, keep their mouths shut and give birth to sons.
resting bitch face

Resting Bitch Face: Why Are Only Women Accused Of Having It?

Women with resting bitch face have been accused of "having a face" that doesn't sit well with feminine demeanour and male expectations of femininity.

What's Trending On FII?

Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

The Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson kicked up a storm with his seemingly compelling arguments against feminism, political correctness, and more.
stock images rape

Dear Media, Use These New Stock Images To Depict Rape Instead! | #GBVinMedia

FII ran a crowdsourced art campaign to create new stock images for the media to use when covering incidents of gender-based violence.
Why Is Marriage An Ultimatum For Women?

Why Is Marriage An Ultimatum For Women?

A man at a higher position, who has rejected the idea of marriage is looked at like a saint whereas an unmarried woman with the same status would always be the topic of gossip.