Survivor Stories

In this section, find powerful first-person survivor stories and personal narratives of rape, abuse, harassment, assault and other forms of sexual violence by Feminism in India.

A Tip Of The Iceberg: My Experiences Of Street Harassment During School Days

It is not eve-teasing or boys just being boys or natural to admire someone, it is street harassment.

My Sister-in-law’s Husband Harassed And Blackmailed Me

In our society, it’s not always strangers who harass or molest women-- women are not safe from family members, too

On Roadside Abuse And Street Harassment: Because They Can

Dear road starers, screamers, cat-calling maniacs, roadside abuse Romeos of India – keep your eyes, arms and bodies where they belong.
asra burqa

My Burqa Didn’t Stop Them From Sexually Violating Me

Do people still think that sexual harassment cannot happen when a woman covers herself in a burqa?

My Experience of Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

Is sexual harassment at the workplace only restricted to touching and groping?

Torn Pages From My Harassment Diary

These acts of harassment don’t make you strong. You are weak. So weak. Because, you are scared of a woman’s sexuality.

I Have Lived With My Share Of Fear… But I Choose To Fight Back

Either we can all live with fear adjusting to the rules set forward by those who protect the potential rapists or fight Back!
street harassment

Street Harassment: Why I May Never Live In Bengaluru Again

Fact-of-the matter is that no city is safe for women. So while my apprehensions of street harassment in Bengaluru is a state of mind the experience was real.
sexual harassment

My First Experience Of Sexual Harassment In A Public Place

Most of all it is important to raise a voice against sexual harassment and misbehavior in modes of public transport by defending yourself in vigilance.
Stop Street Harassment

15 Years Of Anger And Silence: I Speak Today Against Street Harassment

The fury behind the slap I gave nearly 2 years back is intact. How I wish that the mind behind that slap was free of fear and harassment as well.

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