Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

In this section, find powerful first-person survivor stories and personal narratives of rape, abuse, harassment, assault and other forms of sexual violence by Feminism in India.

Survivor Story

As a Survivor of Sexual Assault: A Survivor Story

Sometimes it feels like someone else is wearing my body.
Public Spaces

Women in Public Spaces: Do Public Spaces Only Belong To Men?

Let's recognise the disparity between men and women's experiences of public spaces and work on dismantling that. A woman has the right to occupy public spaces without fearing for her safety, no matter the time of the day or her choice of clothing. Eleven-year-old dreamers have the right to dawdle on their way to school, watching for cracks in the pavements without a care in the world.

The Banality of Rape: A Survivor Story

Rape is not just a delimited event in the victim's past. The trauma insidiously penetrates the deeper layers of her personality and of her fears. It instils a long-lasting feeling of insecurity.
How I Suffered Sexual Harassment At Workplace And What I Now Know About It

How I Suffered Sexual Harassment At Workplace And What I Now Know About It

When I realized how humiliating it was for me to actually do a dance and get the job, to leave my hair open to show that I am still interested in the job; I also realized the uncertainty of the very moment in which I agreed to do it. It only becomes more difficult to comprehend because in the larger framework of work ethics and modern day cultures, this kind of harassment is still difficult to name.

One By One Women Speak Up Against Sexual Harassment And How Facebook Silences Voices

All it takes though, is one woman. One woman who speaks up, giving strength to thousands more who are facing similar, if not worse situations. One woman who speaks up, thus making it that much easier for others to do the same.

How I Survived Sexual Harassment and Why It Needs To Be Shared

I don't know how many more survivor stories would we need to understand and start working to curb sexual violence. Sexual violence against women needs to be opposed headfirst, by getting rid of patriarchy.
rhea mahanta pepper spray

Where Was Your Pepper Spray? [Slam Poem]

"Where Was Your Pepper Spray?" “You were even dressed decently!”
“Cycle Waali Chhori”: New Chapters In Loitering & Street Harassment

“Cycle Waali Chhori”: New Chapters In Loitering & Street Harassment

When even cycling invites street harassment.
R.K. Pachauri

Another Ex-employee Of TERI Issues Statement Of Harassment By R.K. Pachauri

Third woman issues statement of sexual harassment by R.K. Pachauri.

Harrowing Sexist Experience at Charminar Hyderabad

Apparently, single women can't climb up the Charminar on their own and need to be accompanied by male company.

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