Azadi from Hindutva, this graffiti demands. The movement has asked complicated questions about the relationship of casteism and communalism, and the intertwined nature of the fight that these students have faced. Hindutva, as many of the protesting students have eloquently explained, is not merely ‘fascism’ or ‘right wing’ politics, but deeply interrelated with casteism and caste hierarchies.

The Rohith stupa that has been created and installed at the veli wada, and the portrait of Babasaheb Ambedkar that he once carried. The university administration has considered taking down the entire structure.
A powerful, symbolic sculpture that was erected at the protest site. The JAC has been conducting ‘Eklavya Speaks’ programmes where Dalit bahujan students have spoken out publicly about their experiences of caste discrimination in the university.

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औरतों की अनकही हसरतें खोलती है लस्ट स्टोरी | Feminism In India

औरतों की अनकही हसरतें खोलती है ‘लस्ट स्टोरी’

लस्ट स्टोरी समाज के अलग-अलग तबके में आधी आबादी के उस आधे किस्से को बयाँ करती है जिसे हमेशा चरित्रवान और चरित्रहीन के दायरें में समेटा गया है|
When Art Is Created By Sexual Harassers, Can We Separate Art From Artist?

When Art Is Created By Sexual Harassers, Can We Separate Art From Artist?

Predators use their influence as a tool to inflict harm as well as sidestep any consequences. We ought to reject any art that contributes to the artist’s celebrity.
Understanding Rape Culture 101 | Feminism In India

Understanding Rape Culture 101

Rape culture refers to the tendency of seeing violence and misogyny as an expression or part of ‘tradition’ or ‘culture’.