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Not A Boy [Poem]

The little one had just unfurled her wings, but before she could fly off her soul was sucked out because she was not a boy.

There couldn’t have been
A safer place to be in
The tiny toes hadn’t yet
Touched the ground

The beautiful eyes hadn’t
Seen the first rays of the sun
The hair hadn’t been
Tied into a playful ponytail

How could they?
The toes hadn’t been formed yet
The eyes were still closed
The hair was yet to grow

Only the little heart had
Started beating, within the mother’s womb
Yet the haven could not protect her
The haven failed to nourish her

The goons did not wish for her to thrive
The mother’s blood curdled screams
Did not melt the iron hearts

They sucked out the soul of the unborn
Only because they could not bear
That she was not a boy.

Image Credit: Amanda Tipton/ Flickr

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