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This section will decode laws and guides on women, LGBT and other marginalized communities in the form of articles, FAQs and poster series.

Farooqui order

What The Farooqui Order Actually Says About How We Perceive Women

The Farooqui order is a testament to how India has made a tradition of denying women their autonomy, a habit that found its epitome in the infamous adage - a feeble no is actually a yes.
Feminist Judgement Project

Feminist Judgement Project – What If All Judges Were Feminists?

The Feminist Judgement Project began in Canada, seeking to effectuate the definition of equality guaranteed in their constitution.
पितृसत्ता की मार झेलता भारतीय कानून | Feminism In India

पितृसत्ता की मार झेलता भारतीय कानून

सहमति को लेकर जो परिभाषा भी कानून में लिखी गयी अपने आप में बड़ी दूर की कौड़ी थी| लेकिन अब इससे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य क्या हो सकता है कि आज 2013 के कानून में शान से आयी ये सहमति खुद सहमी पड़ी है|

#MenstruationBenefitBill: भारतीय संसद में पहली बार हुई पीरियड पर बात

भारत में ऐसा पहली बार हुआ है जब पीरियड से संबंधित कोई बिल संसद में पेश किया गया हो| वरना इस विषय को हमेशा मीडिया से लेकर राजनेता और बुद्धिजीवी से लेकर आमजन ‘संवेदनशील’ या फिर ‘शर्म’ का विषय मनाकर नज़रंदाज़ करते रहे है|
Surrogacy in India and the debates surrounding it

Surrogacy In India And The Debates Surrounding The Practice

Often lost in the midst of all these back and forth debates on surrogacy and its legality are the stories of both surrogates and intending parents.
A Case For Misplaced Priorities: The Triple Talaq Bill | Feminism In India

A Case For Misplaced Priorities: The Triple Talaq Bill

The BJP in a hassled attempt to masquerade as a messiah for Muslim woman has brought the Triple Talaq bill to criminalize Talaq-e-Biddat or instant triple talaq.

Perhaps It Is Time For Adultery Laws To Change

Adultery in India is a criminal offence via the Indian Penal Code, and treated differentially, based on one's gender identity.
I Visited 4 One Stop Centres Promised In The Nirbhaya Fund And This Is What I Found

I Visited 4 One Stop Centres Promised In The Nirbhaya Fund And This Is...

Five years after the gang rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey & the establishment of the Nirbhaya Fund, I visit 4 hospitals' One Stop Centres to see if the government has kept up its promises.
Indian Women In Law: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Indian Women In Law: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

For November, FII collaborated with CIS Delhi and co-hosted a Wikipedia Editathon on Indian women in law.
Jindal Rape Case

Jindal Rape Case: Suspended Sentence For Perpetrators

On 13th September, the High Court of Punjab & Haryana suspended the sentences and granted bail to the accused in the Jindal Rape Case.

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पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

मासिकधर्म और सैनिटरी पैड पर हमारे घरों में चर्चा करने की बेहद ज़रूरत है और जिसकी शुरुआत हम महिलाओं को ही करनी होगी।
Aijaz Sheikh

“Faith Healer” Aijaz Sheikh Has Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

While pretending to be a faith healer, Aijaz Sheikh has subjected thousands of children in North Kashmir to sexual abuse.
Swathi Vadlamudi

The FIR Against Cartoonist Swathi Vadlamudi Should Make Us All Angry

Swathi Vadlamudi is a senior journalist based in Hyderabad who has an FIR lodged against her for posting a satirical image of Ram and Sita highlighting the era of rampant sexual violence that we live in.