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This section will decode laws and guides on women, LGBT and other marginalized communities in the form of articles, FAQs and poster series.

Beti Bachao

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Fails To Address The Stigma Against Girls

Though the Beti Bachao, Beti Padho initiative helps a girl child get a good start in life, we still need more policies that will help a girl overcome the prejudices of her family.
property rights

Let’s Talk About Property Rights For Non-Hindu Women

As a Christian woman, my experience with getting access to property rights has been rife with ambiguity and double-speak.
Indu Malhotra

Justice Indu Malhotra: Seventh Woman Judge Of The Supreme Court

Justice Indu Malhotra, who took oath as a judge of the Supreme Court on April 27, has been in the news for being the first woman advocate to be directly elevated to the Supreme Court from the Bar.
Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance

Why The Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 2018 Is A Shallow Step

The public outcry against the Kathua case was so much that the government came up with a quick judicial response to the case and saddled us with the Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 2018.
death penalty

Why The Death Penalty Just Needs To Go. For Good.

In an already botched legal system, where justice is a rather biased entity favouring the already privileged, the death penalty then is a ruse to silence questions about the larger bigoted structures at play.
law school

Law School And The Myth Of Neutrality

The biases held by judges and lawyers are not only unchallenged but actively reinforced by the teaching methods in law school.

The Protesting Lawyers In Kathua Are A Threat To The Justice System

In a sickening progression of events, over a hundred attorneys of the Kathua Bar Association protested against the arrests of the accused.

Adultery, Law And The State’s Interference In Our Privacy

Decriminalising adultery doesn’t encourage adulterers any further or take away relief from those affected by an adulterous act; it simply takes away the State’s intrusion in an area that is personal.
Khap Panchayats

Legal Justice And The Fault In Our Khap Panchayats

In contemporary India, the prevalence of Khap Panchayats that dot villages and non-urban areas create a dangerous threat to the stability of the regular tiers of the justice system.
Farooqui order

What The Farooqui Order Actually Says About How We Perceive Women

The Farooqui order is a testament to how India has made a tradition of denying women their autonomy, a habit that found its epitome in the infamous adage - a feeble no is actually a yes.

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