In this section, find articles, essays, listicles on Indian feminist icons and history of the feminist movement in India and South Asia.

Fatima Sheikh and Savitribai Phle.

Remembering Fatima Sheikh – A Woman Lost In History | #IndianWomenInHistory

Fatima Sheikh was an early reformer, and the first Muslim woman teacher. Her contribution in the Dalit-Muslim movement was exemplary.

The Historical Journey Of Anti-Dowry Laws

Anti-Dowry laws are the result of a long and arduous struggle, marked with the death of a long line of women harassed and tortured for it. The law has been changed for the better keeping in mind these struggles.
Nur Jahan

Nur Jahan: The Unfettered Mughal Empress | #IndianWomenInHistory

Known for her contribution in art, literature and military pursuits, Nur Jahan was the most popular Empress of the Mughal Empire. Adept at ruling the empire, she prevented many rebellious uprisings and maintained the integrity of the empire.
Kittur Rani Chennamma leading the battle

Rani Kittur Chennamma: India’s Valiant Freedom Fighter | #IndianWomenInHistory

Kittur Chennamma, queen of Kittur, was an Indian ruler to lead an armed rebellion against the British East India Company. Even though her attempt failed, she was an inspiration for the upcoming freedom fighters.
Ramabai Ranade: The Unparalleled Force | #IndianWomenInHistory

Ramabai Ranade: The Unparalleled Force | #IndianWomenInHistory

One of the most fiercest women leaders of the 20th century, Ramabai Ranade reformed the societal outlook towards women enabling them to fight for their own causes.
SEWA: Making Women Self Sufficient Since The '70s

SEWA: Making Women Self Sufficient Since The ’70s

Empowering women through leadership skills, entrepreneurship & skill training on various levels, SEWA has transformed women's lives over time
Remembering Nutan's Contribution To Indian Cinema

Remembering Nutan’s Contribution To Indian Cinema

Nutan, one of the finest actresses in the history of Indian Cinema, is highly acclaimed for the versatility in her performances.
Nargis Dutt The Flamboyant Actress Of The Fifties

Remembering Nargis Dutt: The Flamboyant Actress Of The Fifties

From her sassy replies to the media, to portraying unconventional characters in films, Nargis Dutt lived life on her own terms.
Mina Agarwala: Fighting For The Cause Of Women in Tezpur | #IndianWomenInHistory

Mina Agarwala: Fighting For The Cause Of Women in Tezpur | #IndianWomenInHistory

Mina Agarwala championed the cause of women in Assam, thereby fighting for women's work and education and even sheltering Chinese refugees.
Annai Meenambal Sivaraj

Annai Meenambal Sivaraj: The Tamil Dalit Woman Leader | #IndianWomenInHistory

Annai Meenambal Sivaraj, was a champion of Dalit rights who fought against caste oppression alongside Dr. Ambedkar and E.V. Ramaswamy.

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Meet Alisha Abdullah – India’s First Female Racing Champ

Alisha Abdullah is the first Indian Female National racer, who races in bikes, cars, and go-karts, thereby breaking all stereotypes on women and proving to the world how women are equal to men.
Cultural Appropriation: What Is It And Why Is It Problematic?

Cultural Appropriation: What Is It And Why Is It Problematic?

Cultural appropriation is when dominant communities use traditions & cultural artefacts of marginalized communities without permission.

Kunal Kapoor’s ‘#SoldBodies’: Where Do Sex Workers’ Rights Figure In It?

Although Kunal Kapoor appears to empathise with sex workers in his slam poem, he reverts to damaging stereotypes that strip them of autonomy.