Shah Bano Case

32 Years On: Revisiting The Shah Bano Judgement

32 years after the Shah Bano judgment was delivered, the triple talaq problem remains as contentious as ever. Revisiting the landmark case.
Women Protest Against AIMPLB and Triple Talaq

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) And The Circus Around Triple Talaq

The AIMPLB is fully aware that a social boycott against triple talaq is hardly likely to bring about any real change on the ground.
The Truth About Burqa By Zainab Rashid

The Truth About Burqa: One Young Muslim Woman’s Powerful Spoken Word Poem About Her...

Zainab Rashid created a powerful spoken word poem: The Truth About Burqa on her choice to wear it and on the embattled discourse around it.
Hindu Marriage Act

The Dutiful Wives Under The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Judicial responses to Hindu Marriage Act strengthens the notion that marriage is the most socially oppressive institution for Hindu women.
Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti Movement and Roots of Indian Feminism

The women of the Bhakti movement challenged Brahminical patriarchy through their songs, poems and ways of life.
Catholic Church

The Catholic Church And Its Long History Of Child Sexual Abuse

The Catholic Church has actively colluded in covering up cases of child sexual abuse in Kerala, to prevent its image from getting tarnished.
Widows of Vrindavan play Holi

In Photos: The Widows Of Vrindavan Streaked With Colours Of Holi

Widows of Vrindavan are relegated to white saris and living on margins of social acceptance. Watch them play Holi in colour-splattered saris!
Comic: Holi Is Not An Excuse For Sexual Harassment

Comic: Holi Is Not An Excuse For Sexual Harassment

Holi is a fun festival. It's full of colour and food. Don't dampen someone's spirit by ruining the festival for them. Don't use Holi as an excuse for sexual harassment.

Bura Mano Holi Hain! The Blurring Of Consent On Holi

Holi has become a premier festival for socially sanctioned sexual harassment. It gives a free pass in the name of celebration to harass.
Meeting Societal Expectations Of Right And Wrong With Hijab

Meeting Societal Expectations Of Right And Wrong With “Hijab”

My harasser never wore his hijab. At the end of the day, all responsibilities to maintain the rectitude are put on women and their hair and hijab.

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Med-Me-Not: Why The Stigma Around Medicines For Mental Illness?

People, whether they have a mental illness or not, often tend to think of medicines as an absolute no-no. The answer, in fact, lies with you.
Disha Chaudhari

Meet Disha Chaudhari: FII’s Featured Writer Of April

Our featured writer for the month of April is DIsha Chaudhuri. Read about her best pieces and find out more about her in this interview!
It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn't Terrible, Oral Rape Is

It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn’t Terrible, Oral Rape Is

Took me years to peel off your words from my skin. Took me years to rub the roses off my eyes and see the red flags as they were. Took me years to learn oral sex isn't terrible, rape is. And that is what it was.