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In this section, find articles, images, videos and artwork on feminism in Indian campuses, campus watch, campus politics and protests in Indian universities, colleges and schools.

How I Became An Activist: My Story Of Political Awakening

When I became an activist with Students For Free Tibet, I realized even my citizenship was a privilege which I had to use to help those without.
यौनिकता युवाओं की शिक्षा का हिस्सा: क्यों और कैसे?

यौनिकता युवाओं की शिक्षा का हिस्सा: क्यों और कैसे? | #WhyCSE

यौनिकता हमारी ज़िंदगी का एक हिस्सा है और हमारा मानना है कि यौनिकता शिक्षा पाना युवाओं का एक अधिकार है जो उनसे नहीं छीना जा सकता।
Moral Education

CSE As Moral Education: Examples From Positive, Radical Pedagogy | #WhyCSE

Some teachers are radically altering the binary distinction between sexuality and moral education in their classrooms.
CSE In Classrooms

Why Do We Need CSE In Our Classrooms? An Educator’s Perspective | #WhyCSE

Teachers hesitate to provide students with CSE because we either feel embarrassed about such topics or we lack correct information ourselves.
Teachers Tips Sexuality

Infographic: How Can Teachers Handle Sexuality-Related Questions In Class? | #WhyCSE

Teachers are in a unique position to positively influence children and young people's perceptions of sexuality.

Comic: How Does CSE Help Young People? | #WhyCSE

CSE covers a range of issues in an age and stage appropriate manner. It benefits people of all ages, genders and sexual identities!
Why Schools Need To Start Incorporating CSE In Their Curriculum | #WhyCSE

Why Schools Need To Start Incorporating CSE In Their Curriculum | #WhyCSE

Schools are in a position where they have access and influence over children and parents, hence it is their responsibility to implement CSE.
Sexuality Education

Is Sexuality Education Against Indian Culture? | #WhyCSE

Sexuality education has met with a lot of resistance in India. The most common argument is that it's against our culture, but what is culture?
Watch: Why Shouldn't We Teach Sexuality Education In Schools? | #WhyCSE

Watch: Why Shouldn’t We Teach Sexuality Education In Schools? | #WhyCSE

Sexuality education is as much about young people’s likes, loves, and relationships, with each other, with teachers, with their parents and society at large, and at the same time it’s about protection from abuse, violence, infections, hurt and the pain of break ups.
Comic: Comprehensive Sexuality Education In Schools | #WhyCSE

Comic: Comprehensive Sexuality Education In Schools | #WhyCSE

Hardly any schools in India implement comprehensive sexuality education in their curriculum. Issues of puberty, relationships, gender roles and body image are issues that all children and young people struggle with, but which are ignored in their formal education.

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The F-word And Stand-Up Comedy

I am waiting for the day when a feminist stand-up comedian owns up to the tag, and makes money in the process. The laughs will follow.

Caring For My Mother After She Had A Stroke

I remember looking into her eyes and realizing that my mother had been fighting far too many battles on her own.

How I Discovered I Am A Demisexual

Demisexual is the word for people who develop sexual attraction only with those with whom they share an emotional bond.