The New Normal Of Living With No Internet In Kashmir

The New Normal Of Living With No Internet In Kashmir

For over an year now, the meaning of sending and checking emails has changed for me. That's how life has been with no internet in Kashmir.
What Is Killing Kashmiri Women?

What Is Killing Kashmiri Women And Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

The deaths of Kashmiri women that are not victims of State violence, i.e., the 'apolitical deaths', receive hardly any attention.
Internet Ban In Kashmir

The Internet Ban In Kashmir Is A Clear Violation Of Human Rights And No...

This is the 29th internet ban in Kashmir since 2016. The internet is a threat to the State as it allows Kashmiris to expose its wall of lies.

End Repression in Kashmir: A Call from the Civil Society

We, the undersigned, are dismayed over the ongoing crisis in Kashmir. We have watched in horror and shock the repetitive cycle of state aggression leading to violence, deteriorating state of civil liberties, violation of fundamental rights and ever escalating loss of human life and dignity in Kashmir.

“‘Normalcy Returns to Kashmir’ Is A Farce”: Kashmir Under Intensified Siege

For the past eleven days Kashmir has been under intensified siege, I say intensified because Kashmir is always under siege, by the occupational Indian armed forces.
On Kashmir’s Occupation, Handwara Killings and Updates

On Kashmir’s Occupation, Handwara Killings and Updates

Handwara killings remind us once again that situation in Kashmir has never been normal.

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The F-word And Stand-Up Comedy

I am waiting for the day when a feminist stand-up comedian owns up to the tag, and makes money in the process. The laughs will follow.

Caring For My Mother After She Had A Stroke

I remember looking into her eyes and realizing that my mother had been fighting far too many battles on her own.

How I Discovered I Am A Demisexual

Demisexual is the word for people who develop sexual attraction only with those with whom they share an emotional bond.