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Young and Trans In Pakistan: A Trans Man’s Coming Out Story

I found that being trans man isn’t abnormal. It’s part of who you are, who I am. So, in conclusion, I’ve made the decision to live my life the way I am and not be discriminated for it. This is really what I want. I am taking a stand. For myself, and in support for the LGBTIQ community!
In A First, Lucknow Holds Uttar Pradesh's Awadh Queer Pride Parade

In A First, Lucknow Holds Uttar Pradesh’s Awadh Queer Pride Parade

On Sunday, 9th April 2017, the City of Nawabs Lucknow walked its first Awadh Queer Pride Parade, the first for Uttar Pradesh as well.
Bisexual Man

Dear Men, Here Are 10 Things Not To Say To A Bisexual Man

Being a openly bisexual man results in my masculinity being derided, and being the target of insensitive comments disguised as "jokes".
Kari Book Cover

Kari: A Graphic Novel About Lesbianism and Big-City Love

Kari is a graphic novel featuring a lesbian woman in search of her identity in a deeply heterosexual society that sidelines homosexual love.
Adichie commented on Trans women

The Other[ed] Womanhood – On Adichie And Trans Women

Adichie's comments on trans women forget that gender is experienced coercively. Being forced to perform masculinity is not a privilege.
Living With Oneself

Living With Oneself: Letters Of Love And Introspection | #QueeringValentines

I also knew, five years ago, that if I didn’t write to a gorgeous red-haired French boy, I would regret it later. Five years later, I look back at what has been, and I recently wrote the story below, dedicated to him, as a short testimony of my coming out to myself.
Trans Man & Cis Woman Love

The 7 Year Love Story Of A Trans Man And A Cis Woman |...

I am Vedansh, a trans man. My partner Mahi has been with me through my coming out as a trans man & everything else. This is our love story.
Two women holding hands

17 & Genderqueer: Sasha’s Love Story | #QueeringValentines

There wasn't a particular moment of realisation that I was queer, but looking back, I always had an attraction towards girls and thought it was normal, and that everyone experienced that regardless of gender. And of course, I was wrong!
Prime Minister Modi & India's LGBT

Open Letter To The Prime Minister: Questioning His Silence On An Important Concern

It’s now one hundred and fifty-seven years ago since the British introduced Section 377 in India. Sixty-seven years of democracy, one hundred and fifty-seven years of protecting a law that isn’t a product of Indian values.
In Photos: Mumbai Queer Azaadi March 2017

In Photos: Mumbai Queer Azaadi March 2017

The Mumbai Queer Azaadi march took place on the 28th of January, 2017. There were people dressed up all fabulous and those in pajamas and sweatshirts. Some were dancing, because pride is a celebration. And then were those who were sloganeering and singing alternatively, because pride started as a protest, as resistance.

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Med-Me-Not: Why The Stigma Around Medicines For Mental Illness?

People, whether they have a mental illness or not, often tend to think of medicines as an absolute no-no. The answer, in fact, lies with you.
Disha Chaudhari

Meet Disha Chaudhari: FII’s Featured Writer Of April

Our featured writer for the month of April is DIsha Chaudhuri. Read about her best pieces and find out more about her in this interview!
It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn't Terrible, Oral Rape Is

It Took Me Years To Learn Oral Sex Isn’t Terrible, Oral Rape Is

Took me years to peel off your words from my skin. Took me years to rub the roses off my eyes and see the red flags as they were. Took me years to learn oral sex isn't terrible, rape is. And that is what it was.