Wednesday, January 29, 2020
queer moments

14 Queer Moments That Made 2019 Memorable

2019 witnessed both highs and lows for the queer community. Despite increasing representation and public visibility for LGBTQIA+ people, the draconian Trans Bill was passed that seriously impacts the lives of transgender people in India.
Bindumadhav Khire

Interview With Bindumadhav Khire On Media’s Coverage Of LGBTQ+ Issues | #GBVInMedia

Pune-based queer activist Bindumadhav Khire talks about the media reportage of sexual violence in the LGBTQ+ community.
Movie Review: Fire—On Queering Love And Beyond

Film Review: Fire —On Queering Love And Beyond

Fire revolves around the relationship between two women, namely Sita and Radha played by Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi, respectively.
Queering Fashion: Indian fashion Industry Is Rejecting Gender Binary

Queering Fashion: Indian Fashion Industry Is Rejecting Gender Binary

Queering fashion trends are not so inclusive of those who do not have the financial and cultural capital to access these designer labels.
How Grindr, The Dating App Is Destroying My Mental Health

How Grindr, The Dating App Is Destroying My Mental Health

The flip-side to using dating apps like Grindr is the mental exhaustion of constantly having to look “perfect”, the pressure of conforming to unrealistic body standards and the unhealthy expectation of requiring to be available for sex in order to meet another person for a first-time date.

#StopTransBill2019 — Why Do We Need To Oppose The Trans Bill?

On Tuesday, 26th November 2019, the upper house of the Indian Parliament passed the Trans Bill, despite protests from the opposition, and more importantly, from the trans communities.
"Will Take This Fight To Court": Trans Community Continue Fight Against Trans Bill

“Will Take This Fight To Court”: Trans Community Continues The Fight Against Trans Bill

The panel called the Trans Bill out for being extremely regressive and pointed out how it takes away the right to self-determination away Transgender people.
namma pride 2019

Namma Pride 2019 In Bengaluru Wears Black In Solidarity Against Injustice

The Namma Pride 2019 Parade in Bengaluru was on the 24th November. The queer community decided to wear black in solidarity against pressing issues.

In Photos: Delhi Queer Pride 2019 Protests Against Trans Bill

On 24th November 2019, thousands of people marched from Barakhamba Chowk to Jantar Mantar for Delhi Queer Pride 2019.
Transgender Awareness Week

What Is Transgender Awareness Week 2019? Let’s Learn Together

Transgender Awareness Week is dedicated to raising the visibility of transgender people and address issues members of the community face.

What's Trending On FII?

These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution/इन 15 महिलाओं ने भारतीय संविधान बनाने में दिया था अपना योगदान

These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution

On this Republic Day, let us take a look at the fifteen powerful women who helped draft the Indian Constitution.
VIVA! India’s First Pop Stars And The Forgotten Feminist Voices

VIVA! India’s First Pop Stars And The Forgotten Feminist Voices

Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, and Anushka Manchanda formed VIVA after winning the contest launched by Channel V.
Crime Patrol

‘Crime Patrol’ & ‘Savdhaan India’ Make A Mockery Of Sexual Violence | #GBVinMedia

Shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India, Gunah and Sansani have made a fortune out of turning trauma into entertainment, and making a mockery of these cases under the guise of 'awareness' or 'gender sensitisation'.