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4 Things That Don't Make You A Bad Feminist

4 Things That Do NOT Make You A Bad Feminist

Sometimes, even the feminist community engages in policing its members, calling them a 'bad feminist' for not adhering to certain norms.
resting bitch face

Resting Bitch Face: Why Are Only Women Accused Of Having It?

Women with resting bitch face have been accused of "having a face" that doesn't sit well with feminine demeanour and male expectations of femininity.
When Children ‘Perform’ Gender | Feminism in India

When Children ‘Perform’ Gender

In rural Uttar Pradesh children exaggerate ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ when performing gendered actions. But are things as black and white as they seem?
‘Make Men Wear Veils and They will Understand our Difficulties’

‘Make Men Wear Veils And They Will Understand Our Difficulties’

In rural Uttar Pradesh, one woman challenges men to cover their faces with veils and then successfully execute their work.
Questioning Gender Roles: Boys Do Bhangra While Girls Shake Their Bootyvideo

Questioning Gender Roles: Boys Do Bhangra While Girls Shake Their Booty

Pink versus blue, pretty versus brave: the childhood landscape is mined with pernicious gender roles and stereotypes that dictate how we behave as adults.
दस्यु सुंदरियों की राजनीतिक चुप्पी

दस्यु सुंदरियों की राजनीतिक चुप्पी

दस्यु सुंदरी की कहानी शुरू होती है - उत्तर प्रदेश के एक छोटे से गाँव 'गुरु के पुरवा' में रहने वाली 'फूलन देवी' के साथ।
men's emotions via everyday feminism

This Comic Will Tell You Why Men’s Emotions Are Limited By Patriarchy

When did you last see a positive media portrayal of men expressing emotions? Men's emotions are only allowed to be expressed in limited ways.
A Bakasura Thali of Indian food

What Does Food Have To Do With Gender?

Our gender defines our personal, political, commercial, socio-cultural and psychological relationship with food and how we see ourselves.
संस्कारी लड़कियों के नाम एक खुला खत...

संस्कारी लड़कियों के नाम एक खुला खत…

पितृसत्तात्मक समाज में लड़कियों का चरित्र सिर्फ दो छोर से बंधा होता है - अच्छा या बुरा| इसके तहत अच्छी लड़की यानी कि संस्कारी लड़की बनना हर लड़की का सपना बन जाता है और वो ज़िन्दगीभर इस सपने को पूरा करने के लिए जद्दोजहद करती रहती है|
"मैं और लड़कियों की तरह नहीं हूं..." वाला समावेशी स्त्री-द्वेष

“मैं और लड़कियों की तरह नहीं हूं…” वाला समावेशी स्त्री-द्वेष

समावेशी स्त्री-द्वेष बचपन से समाजीकरण के ज़रिए जेंडर के तहत सिखाये गए व्यवहार और विचारों का नतीज़ा है - जहां अच्छी लड़कियां शादी से पहले न तो सेक्स पर बात कर सकती हैं और न सेक्स कर सकती है|

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goddess worship

The Paradox Of Hindu Goddess Worship And Feminism

The repeated use of goddess worship to symbolise an ‘Indian’ woman is problematic and brings forth several questions.
The Handmaid’s Tale Is No Dystopia | Feminism In India

The Handmaid’s Tale Is No Dystopia

The Handmaid's Tale is not Atwood’s dystopia. This was then, this is now.
Muslim Transgender

Diary Of A Muslim Transgender Girl

It is impossible to overstate what a difficult thing it is to be a transgender Muslim girl in a conservative rural village in West Bengal.