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औरत-मर्द की तुलना से सड़ने लगा है समाज | Feminism In India

औरत-मर्द की तुलना से सड़ने लगा है समाज

मर्द-औरत में तुलना से समाज का संतुलन अपने आप बिगड़ने लगता है और लिंग भेदभाव, भ्रूणहत्या, असमान लिंगानुपात आदि पैदा होती हैं|

Women Should Be Younger Than Their Husbands And Other Lessons Of Patriarchy

To unlearn the lessons of patriarchy, solidarity between women and teaching about equality has to start from the homes themselves.
बिहार में अब नहीं बिकेंगे दूल्हे - नीतीश कुमार का अभियान | Feminism In India

‘बिहार में अब नहीं बिकेंगे दूल्हे’ – नीतीश कुमार का अभियान

बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार ने गांधी जयंती (2 अक्टूबर) को कहा कि शराबबंदी के बाद अब बिहार को दहेजमुक्त बनाया जायेगा।
सुरक्षा की बेड़ियों में जकड़ी आज़ाद भारत की लड़कियां | Feminism In India

सुरक्षा की बेड़ियों में जकड़ी आज़ाद भारत की लड़कियां 

आज़ादी के सालों बाद भी भारत की महिलाएं आज़ाद नहीं है क्योंकि समाज में उन्हें हर कदम पर सुरक्षा के नामपर बेड़ियों में कसने की कोशिश की जाती है|
Invisible Privileges

The Invisible Privileges Of Looking Like A Cis Male

How do gender, identity and cis-passing privileges affect people's perceptions and navigation of the public space?
Is Sindoor A Symbol Of Marriage Or Patriarchy? | Feminism in India

Is Sindoor A Symbol Of Marriage Or Patriarchy?

From tax reforms to Bollywood movie tropes to everyday realities – there is no escaping the symbols of marriage that only apply to women.
4 Things That Don't Make You A Bad Feminist

4 Things That Do NOT Make You A Bad Feminist

Sometimes, even the feminist community engages in policing its members, calling them a 'bad feminist' for not adhering to certain norms.
resting bitch face

Resting Bitch Face: Why Are Only Women Accused Of Having It?

Women with resting bitch face have been accused of "having a face" that doesn't sit well with feminine demeanour and male expectations of femininity.
When Children ‘Perform’ Gender | Feminism in India

When Children ‘Perform’ Gender

In rural Uttar Pradesh children exaggerate ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ when performing gendered actions. But are things as black and white as they seem?
‘Make Men Wear Veils and They will Understand our Difficulties’

‘Make Men Wear Veils And They Will Understand Our Difficulties’

In rural Uttar Pradesh, one woman challenges men to cover their faces with veils and then successfully execute their work.

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Padmavati: Attempts to Control A (Fake) Historical Woman

Padmavati must carry the insecurities of patriarchal and casteist fringe outfits and call it her 'honour'.

Rukhmabai: From Child Bride To India’s First Practising Female Doctor

Rukhmabai was the first practicing female doctor in colonial India. She is also renowned for contributing to the Age of Consent Act, 1891.
Aishwarya Rai

Why Doesn’t Aishwarya Rai Get Enough Credit For Being A Domestic Violence Survivor?

We fail to give Aishwarya Rai her rightful credit as one of the first women from Bollywood to identify and oppose violence.