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"Made In Heaven?" Maybe Not!: The Stigma On Unmarried Women

“Made In Heaven?” Maybe Not!: The Stigma On Unmarried Women

Constrictive of women's aspirations, autonomy and individuality, marriage here largely thrives on sacrifices and infinite endurance of unmarried women.
Understanding Backlash: The Price For Transgressing Gender Norms

Understanding Backlash: The Price For Transgressing Gender Norms

Due to debilitating gender norms, events such as child marriage or unplanned pregnancy can have catastrophic implications on girls' future.

Women Producing Knowledge In The World Of Epistemic Injustice

Miranda Fricker's notion of epistemic injustice explains how power asymmetries and social inequalities arise due to the privileged access of certain classes to participate in intelligible conversations.

Beti Bachao: No Female Child Born In 132 Villages Of Uttarakhand In Past Three...

The data provided by the Health Department states that not a single female child was born among the 216 children born in 132 villages of the district of Uttarkashi.

Women In The Streets: Walking Through History, Literature And Activism

Feminist intervention around women’s safety in urban spaces and women’s right to experiencing the city led to the creation of various feminist campaigns in India. #IWillGoOut and #WhyLoiter, are offline and online campaigns documenting the idle walking of women in the streets in Indian urban and peri-urban spaces.

Sexism Is In The Air: Female Flight Attendants Await Their Feminist Revolution

Using Female flight attendants to sexually titillate the passengers is result of a deeply sexist mindset which has resulted in the aviation industry having an unequal and unsafe work environment.

The Gendered Politics Of Stepwells In India: Space, Water And Religion

Subterranean water structures like stepwells (vav,Baoli/Baori), and stepped tanks (kund) dotted the dry and arid regions of Western India, especially Gujarat and Rajasthan, and formed the major source of groundwater for centuries.
Victim Blaming Promotes Rape Culture. Here's How.

Victim Blaming Promotes Rape Culture. Here’s How.

There are many reasons why most women hide their experiences from the society. The most common reason is victim blaming.

Suno Traces The Invisible Lines of Consent

Suno voices the dissent against marital rape and domestic violence prevalent within the Indian society where sexual intercourse is mostly non-consensual
Meet Holland: Korea's First Openly Gay K-pop Idol

Meet Holland: Korea’s First Openly Gay K-pop Idol

Korea's first openly gay k-pop idol, Holland, shatters the heteronormative K-pop industry and uses his music to address the violence faced by the sexual minorities.

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surayya tyabji woman who designed indian flag

Surayya Tyabji: The Woman Who Designed Our National Flag | #IndianWomenInHistory

Despite the design of the national flag being popularly credited to Pingali Venkayyah, Surayya Tyabji was the one who came up the final design.
What Neha Shoree's Murder Tells Us About Punjab's Drug Problem

What Neha Shoree’s Murder Tells Us About Punjab’s Drug Problem

Dr. Neha Shoree, an official of the State Government of Punjab's Food and Drug Administration wing, was shot dead on 29th March, in broad daylight, in her office.
18 Indian Sportswomen Who Made A Difference In 2018

18 Indian Sportswomen Who Made A Difference In 2018

Here are 18 sportswomen in India whose achievements brought glory to our nation and we need to pay more attention to.