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Karukku by Bama

‘Karukku’: An Autobiography By Bama Exploring Her Tamil, Dalit And Christian Identity

Karukku by Bama is an elegy to the community she grew up in and her intersecting identities as a Tamil, Dalit, and Christian woman.

The Draupadis Of Today: Exploring Draupadi With A Feminist Lens

But what Draupadi is remembered for is not the fierce, intelligent woman that she was but the woman who was disrobed at the great hall and had to be saved by Krishna. Casting her into the role of a damsel in distress who needs saving is a betrayal to the fierceness of her soul.
Comic: Valentine's Day Special - Anti-National Love

Comic: Valentine’s Day Special – Anti-National Love

Since the moral police are this stupid, maybe we should take advantage of it? To any couple who is facing backlash and opposition from their family about their choice in partner, use Valentine's day to your advantage. Get married, and make the moral police explain it to everyone.
Trans Man & Cis Woman Love

The 7 Year Love Story Of A Trans Man And A Cis Woman |...

I am Vedansh, a trans man. My partner Mahi has been with me through my coming out as a trans man & everything else. This is our love story.
Girls on Bikes on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan

Girls On Bikes: Cycling In Lahore In Protest And Celebration

Who even decided to confine women to the private sphere in the first place? Who decided it was a good idea to restrict women’s mobility and then justify it on the basis of "fear" or "safety"? These are important questions to ask because they shape the lives of many women in South Asia. Access to public spaces is the fundamental right of women and Girls on Bikes is doing a great job at fighting for that right and trying to change social attitudes towards women being in public spaces one pedal at a time!
Comic: How To Be A Woman 101

Comic: How To Be A Woman 101

Sit straight, look pretty, keep quiet, wear this, tie your hair like this, study hard, get married etc etc etc. On and on we get instructions telling us to behave a certain way to be a woman. But can the biology of a person really determine their behaviour? Can we just leave women alone and let them be who they are? (That sounds easy, right?)
Urmila Pawar's 'Mother Wit'

The Truth About Fiction: Looking At Caste, Gender And Dissent In Urmila Pawar’s Short...

Urmila Pawar's fiction explores the axes of caste, class & gender and brings forth vivid everyday lived realities of Dalit women.
बलात्कार के बेबस रंगों को उकेरता एमा क्रेंजर का पावरफुल आर्ट पीस

बलात्कार के बेबस रंगों को उकेरता एमा क्रेंजर का पावरफुल आर्ट पीस

हाल ही में, ट्विटर पर एमा क्रेंजर नाम की एक लड़की ने अपनी बनाई एक पेंटिग की तस्वीर साझा की| मात्र उन्नीस साल की एमा ने अपने कॉलेज प्रोजेक्ट के लिए यह पेंटिंग बनाई थी|
Comic: Shout-out To Parlour Aunties!

Comic: Shout-out To Parlour Aunties!

Parlour aunties have this amazing talent of shaming you by asking you the simplest questions. It's just one of the examples of everyday sexism. Though you can't really blame them for thinking that only married women should have sex (or only women who have sex get Brazilian waxes). It's so intrinsic to our patriarchal society.
Pink Sari Revolution Book Cover

Book Review: Pink Sari Revolution by Amana Fontanella Khan

'Pink Sari Revolution' is a book inspired by the activities of the 'Gulabi Gang' in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. Gulabi Gang is representative of the extraordinary women's movement in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh led by Sampat Pal Devi in 2006.

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Lipstick Under My Burkha Movie Still

The Hypocrisy Of Censorship: Lipstick Under My Burkha Vs Films By CBFC’s Nihalani

Lipstick Under My Burkha was banned for being displaying lady-oriented fantasies. Now is a good time to revisit the CBFC Chairman's films of yore.
Iqra Rasool in action

Meet Iqra Rasool: The Young Pace Bowler From Kashmir With Big Dreams

Iqra Rasool has defied society's opposition to being a sportswoman. This year she hopes to lead J&K in the nationals for the 5th time.
Lihaaf - Ismat Chughtai - Indian Muslim Feminists

6 Indian Muslim Feminists In History

These six Indian Muslim feminists believed in providing equal rights and representation to the women in India.