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Enga Veetu Maapillai

Enga Veetu Maapillai: Reality TV Doesn’t Make Marriage “Progressive”

The show Enga Veetu Maapillai, where Kollywood actor Arya chose 16 "eligible maidens" to compete for his hand in marriage, does nothing to create new dialogues about the patriarchal institution of marriage.

The Bronze Sword Of Thengphakhri Tehsildar: The Story Of A Bodo Revolutionary

The Bronze Sword of Thengphakhri Tehsildar is written by Indira Goswami and published by Zubaan. It is a tale of a Bodo freedom fighter called Thengphakhri, arguably the first woman revenue collector in British India.
Dance Like a Man

Review Of Dance Like A Man: Society’s Desire For Wholistic Masculinity

Mahesh Dattani, through his play Dance Like a Man, throws light upon the patriarchal and heterosexual post-independence setup of the Indian society where this play is set.
The Adivasi Will Not Dance

The Adivasi Will Not Dance: “Why Should The Truth Be Whitewashed?”

The Adivasi Will Not Dance is authored by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, a Santhal writer - making him a unique voice in a field dominated by elite and upper caste writers.
Sri Reddy Is The Whistleblower Of The Casting Couch In Tollywood

Sri Reddy Is The Whistleblower Of The Casting Couch In Tollywood

On April 7, Sri Reddy staged a semi-strip in protest, in front of the Telugu Film Chambers, as part of her struggle against the Casting Couch.
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

A Take On The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck: Male Chauvinist As...

As a feminist, as a woman and as someone who does not give two hoots for the gender and sexual binary, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck made me feel as though I am someone who does not deserve self-help.

Why Motherhood May Not Be For Me

When you are conditioned to treat motherhood as the norm, the lines between conscious choice and subconscious conditioning blur.
Thinlas Chorol

Meet Thinlas Chorol: The Founder Of Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company

Thinlas Chorol is a trekking guide, social entrepreneur and the founder of Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company (LWTC), a company both owned and operated by women.
Priyasha Deochake

Meet Priyasha Deochake: Biotechnology Student Turned Belly Dancer

Priyasha Deochake is a Biotechnology student turned dancer. She sheds light on her dancing career that began after quitting a job in the health sector.
my mother

My Mother Was The First Feminist In My Life – I Just Didn’t Know It

My mother never said a word about equality and yet, brought up a son and a daughter, with equal measures of love and self-confidence.

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पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

मासिकधर्म और सैनिटरी पैड पर हमारे घरों में चर्चा करने की बेहद ज़रूरत है और जिसकी शुरुआत हम महिलाओं को ही करनी होगी।
Aijaz Sheikh

“Faith Healer” Aijaz Sheikh Has Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

While pretending to be a faith healer, Aijaz Sheikh has subjected thousands of children in North Kashmir to sexual abuse.
Swathi Vadlamudi

The FIR Against Cartoonist Swathi Vadlamudi Should Make Us All Angry

Swathi Vadlamudi is a senior journalist based in Hyderabad who has an FIR lodged against her for posting a satirical image of Ram and Sita highlighting the era of rampant sexual violence that we live in.