Why partner with FII?

Feminism In India is a multiple award-winning digital intersectional feminist platform to learn, educate and develop a feminist consciousness among the youth. It is required to unravel the F-word and demystify all the negativity surrounding it. FII amplifies the voices of women and marginalized communities using tools of art, media, culture, technology and community.

A glance at The FII Community below (numbers as in February 2017*)

1000+ Crowdsourced Stories Online

40,000+ likes

150+ Contributing Writers

8000+ members

80,000+ Monthly Readers

12K+ followers

Largest Online Community

2200+ followers

How can we create an impact together?

FII works on a variety of things with NGOs, NPOs and social enterprises on issues which align with our vision and mission. Interested in collaborating? Send us an email at info@feminisminindia.com.


FII offers strategic digital campaigns for NGOs, NPOs and social enterprises on issues that align with our vision and mission.

Blog Collaboration

FII collaborates with NGOs, NPOs and social enterprises on creating exclusive and high-quality content in the form of articles and visuals from a feminist lens.

Research Projects

FII conducts short and long term research reports. Our current research deals with online violence against women in India.

Social Media Training

FII provides digital and social media training to NGOs, NPOs and social enterprises to digitally empower them and amplify their work ten-folds online.

Digital Activism Modules

FII designs Digital Activism modules for NGOs and their communities, institutes, courses et al. These modules help young activists digitally empower and secure themselves.


Advertise with us to increase your organisation’s value and content. We offer sponsored content and rental space for organisations with a feminist sensibility to promote their work.