Dear FII reader,


Since 2014, Feminism in India has tirelessly created long-form stories, videos, podcasts, comics, infographics that have helped make feminism engaging and relevant to millennial and Gen Z women and youth. It’s been an amazing and fulfilling journey, made most rewarding by your faith and support. We have grown from a one woman army to an awesome all-women’s team of eleven, reaching a million people monthly.


But even as our work has grown by leaps and bounds, so have our bills. And it’s getting tougher each day–especially in the midst of a pandemic–to sustain ad-free, independent and honest feminist journalism. To stay true to our shared cause, we are therefore launching a paid membership programme that offers premium content and benefits to our supporters. Each and every membership will help sustain our work and ensure we thrive in these uncertain times.


Japleen Pasricha

The Student's Special Plan
₹700.00 / year

The Budding Feminist Plan
₹1,000.00 / year for 5 years

The Patriarchy Smasher Plan
₹3,000.00 / year for 5 years

Intersectionality Champion Plan
₹5,000.00 / year for 5 years

Make a One-time Contribution

Would you like to make a one-time contribution or a larger contribution? We offer our readers and community members to also support us with one-time large contributions. A few hundred rupees or a few thousand would go a long way in helping us stay ad-free and keep serving you the fresh feminist content that you love! You can also email us at to make a direct transfer into our bank account. Thank you so much for your support! We deeply appreciate it! ?

FAQs about FII's Membership Model

What is FII?

FII is an intersectional digital feminist media organisation that makes feminism accessible for everyone. We run two publications, one in English and one in Hindi and create multimedia content like videos, podcasts, comics, posters, infographics to amplify women and marginalised communities’ voices.

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