What Have We Gained From #NotInMyName | Feminism in India

What Have We Gained From #NotInMyName

Now that the #NotInMyName protest is over, the unrest has settled, similar questions have been lingering in our minds- is it going to die out like every other time?
rss women's wing

RSS Women’s Wing Camp Teaches Girls To Be Good Mothers

RSS Women's Wing Camp taught young girls conflicting messages of empowerment with combat training and lessons on how to be a good mother.
The Misogyny Behind Political Protests

Of Bangles And Blouses – The Misogyny Behind Political Protests

A soldier's wife sent PM Modi a 56-inch blouse, a part of the trend of feminine symbols being used as "insults" in political protests.
Women politicians

Will Women Politicians Ever Stop Being Judged On Their Appearances?

Misogyny in the Indian political arena runs deep. Women politicians are constantly subject to vile sexist remarks targeting their appearance.
Amit Shah at the BJP elections

Dear Amit Shah: We Don’t Need Anti-Romeo Squads

At the core of this mindset lies the assumption that women need "protection" because, god forbid, what if they exercise their right to choose their own partners for love or for marriage? The horror!

How Jayalalithaa Combatted the Sexism in Tamil Nadu Politics

Jayalalithaa’s life is testimony to the difficulty that women in politics might face – especially those that do not come from politically established families. Given the patriarchal structure of the family, women are expected to balance a home and work life, something that is difficult in a career in politics.

All Sexist & Communalist Remarks by Politicians On Dadri Lynching

Post the Dadri lynching case, we heard a lot of ministers and politicians giving insensitive statements and jumping to conclusions one after the other. Mahesh...

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Sikh names are empowering in nature, they go beyond gender, caste and patriarchy. However, their limitations and current practice restricts them.

Sikh Names: Beyond Gender, Caste And Patriarchy

Sikh names are empowering – they go beyond gender, caste and patriarchy. However, their limitations and current practice restrict them.

On Prithviraj’s Statement And The Long History Of Misogyny in Malayalam Cinema

Actor Prithviraj's statement is a small step in rectifying the decades of misogyny perpetuated in Malayalam cinema.
‘Make Men Wear Veils and They will Understand our Difficulties’

‘Make Men Wear Veils And They Will Understand Our Difficulties’

In rural Uttar Pradesh, one woman challenges men to cover their faces with veils and then successfully execute their work.