In this section, find articles, images, videos and artwork on sexual, physical and mental violence against women and marginalized communities in India and South Asia.

बलात्कार की निंदा करना ही हमारी जिम्मेदारी है? | Feminism In India

बलात्कार की निंदा करना ही हमारी जिम्मेदारी है?

बलात्कार या हिंसा के स्वरूप का हम विश्लेषण करें तो यही पाते है कि ऐसी घिनौनी वीभत्स घटनाएँ कोई एकदिन की बात नहीं होती है, बल्कि बचपन से ही समाजीकरण में पोसी गयी आदतों से ही हम इनकी पृष्ठभूमि तैयार करते हैं|
No, We Can't Stop Communalizing Asifa Bano's Rape. Here's Why.

No, We Can’t Stop Communalizing Asifa Bano’s Rape. Here’s Why.

There's this rampant line of thought where we take out the ‘religion’ factor from everything and see the atrocity inflicted on Asifa Bano as just a crime committed against a little girl.

If You Think Witch-Hunting Is History, Then Think Again

It's not just superstition; someone who would like to settle a land or financial dispute or with a personal vendetta can settle on witch-hunting as a "solution".
My Experience Of Child Sexual Abuse Would've Been So Different With More Awareness

My Experience Of Child Sexual Abuse Would’ve Been So Different With More Awareness

Since there is no one problem that leads to child sexual abuse, there is also no singular solution to it. It is a collective struggle that everyone from family, school, law-makers, and social workers must partake in.
महिलाओं का खतना एक हिंसात्मक कुप्रथा | Feminism In India

महिलाओं का ‘खतना’ एक हिंसात्मक कुप्रथा

महिलाओं में खतना प्रथा का चलन दाऊदी बोहरा मुस्लिम समुदाय में सबसे अधिक देखा जाता है | दाऊदी बोहरा मुस्लिम समुदाय, शिया मुसलमानों माने जाते हैं|

Despite Death Threats, Domestic Violence Survivor Gyanwati Fights Back

In a society where women are shamed for seeking justice in cases of domestic violence and called out for alleged ‘false complaints’, Gyanwati is resilient and is fighting back.
domestic abuse

Normalised Domestic Abuse And Stigmatised Mental Illness In My Family

It pains me that women choose to be in abusive relationships thinking that they are the ones at fault, putting up with domestic abuse and marital rape.
sexual harassment complaints

“She Was Very Outgoing” – And Other Tactics To Silence Sexual Harassment Complaints

Could the collective silence of victims be attributed to a culture of sexism influencing organisational life and therefore impacting formal and informal responses to sexual harassment complaints?
यौन उत्पीड़न बनता जा रहा है हर ज़िन्दगी का हिस्सा | Feminism In India

यौन उत्पीड़न बनता जा रहा है हर ज़िन्दगी का हिस्सा

यौन उत्पीड़न का मतलब होता है ‘किसी भी तरह का उत्पीड़न जो लिंग पर आधारित हो। यह उत्पीड़न कई तरह का और कई स्तरों पर होता है|
finger-tip activism

A Practitioner Of Finger-Tip Activism Responds To Nivedita Menon

Through finger-tip activism, we have been able to create cross-border solidarities, access information at a greater pace and uncover new modes of digital protest.

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Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi Takes A Stand Against Ali Zafar And Sexual Abuse

On 19th April, when Pakistani actress, model and singer Meesha Shafi tweeted about suffering sexual harassment at the hands of her fellow actor-singer Ali Zafar, she was almost instantly bombarded with a vicious backlash.
Aijaz Sheikh

“Faith Healer” Aijaz Sheikh Has Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

While pretending to be a faith healer, Aijaz Sheikh has subjected thousands of children in North Kashmir to sexual abuse.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.