Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

What is the #IndianWomenInHistory campaign?

March is celebrated as Women’s History Month across the world, in order to recognise and bring to light the contributions of women in shaping the modern world.

As you know, history has long been a Boys’ Club, from the people being written about to the people writing the books. Women’s voices, stories and contributions have been silenced in the making of history. Women’s History Month is a concerted effort to change that.

In that vein, since 2017 FII has been writing, creating and publishing long-form essays, posters and videos that talk about important #IndianWomenInHistory, or the role of Indian women in important historical movements. The possibilities are endless – women in
music, art, literature, dance, science, technology, religion, law and politics!

We have created an initial list of Indian women who have done ground-breaking work in their respective fields but haven’t received the acknowledgment they deserve. We profile their life and work every March, celebrating Women’s History Month

To participate in the campaign, please choose a personality and email us at with the name of your choice. We’re accepting submissions in English and Hindi.

#IndianWomenInHistory Videos

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Aruna Asaf Ali: The Heroine of the Quit India Movement | Feminism In India
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Annai Meenambal Sivaraj: An icon of Indian politics | Feminism In India
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Fatma Begum: A pioneer of Indian cinema | Feminism In India
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Homai Vyarawalla: the legend and her lens | Feminism In India
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Ismat Chughtai: An icon of Urdu literature | Feminism In India
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Amrita Pritam: Punjab's iconic poet and writer | Feminism In India
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Cornelia Sorabji: India's first female lawyer | Feminism In India
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Rani Gaidinliu: The Naga freedom fighter | Feminism In India
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Noor Inayat Khan: Second World War's Princess Spy | Feminism In India
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The Bhakti Movement and Roots of Indian Feminism | Feminism in India
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A Tribute to Justice Leila Seth | #IndianWomenInHistory
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Razia Sultan: The First and The Last Woman Ruler of Delhi Sultanate | Feminism In India
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Mahasweta Devi: An Eminent Personality In Bengali Literature | #IndianWomenInHistory
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The Rani Jhansi Regiment: The All Women's Regiment In Subhash Bose's INA
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Kamala Das: The Mother Of Modern English Poetry In India | Feminism In India
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Savitribai Phule: The Pioneer Of Indian Women's Education | Feminism In India
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Jhalkari Bai: The Dalit Woman Warrior Of 1857 | Feminism In India
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The Legendary Phoolan Devi | Feminism In India
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Pandita Ramabai: women's education and rights activist | Feminism In India
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Amrita Sher-Gil: In Memoriam | Feminism In India
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15 Women Who Shaped The Indian Constitution | Feminism In India
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5 Indian Muslim Feminist Writers You Should Know About | Feminism In India
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5 Dalit Women In History | Dalit History Month | Feminism In India