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Pop Culture

In this section find critical feminist analysis of pop culture in India and South Asia in the form of stories, images, videos, photos and reviews.

chick flicks

Chick Flicks And Our Love-Hate Relationship With Them

Chick flicks have created spaces for certain characters to exist, a space that has been denied to them both in literature and screen.

Super Hot Super Heroines: Unrealistic Comic Book Portrayals Of Powerful Women

From bulging breasts to super slim waists, the depiction of super heroines and female super villains in comic books is unrealistic to say the least! It is demeaning that women have to be shown in such a way to attract men's attention.
feminist songs

10 Feminist Songs To Listen To When The Patriarchy Has Got You Down

Gather round, feminists! It's exhausting work raging against The Man, so how about you play these feminist songs for a musical pick-me-up?
Feminist Memes

Feminist Memes – Subverting Patriarchy With Humour!

Feminist memes subvert the harmful stereotypes propagated by the countless sexist memes, fighting sexism with humour and wit.

BMW India Teaches Men How To Control Women With Simple Gestures

BMW India's ad about their Gesture Control feature also announces how they like their women – beautiful, silent, and under a man's control.
Disney Ups Its Game: The Six Most Progressive Disney Princesses

Disney Ups Its Game: The 6 Most Progressive Disney Princesses

These progressive Disney princesses have moved away from avatars of old-fashioned, submissive women and are independent, strong and diverse.

Femvertising: How Corporates Co-opt Feminism To Sell Us Things

Femvertising is trend of corporates employing feminist ideals in order to sell products – except that they get it wrong most of the time.
Menstruation In Media: Concealment & Celebration | #ThePadEffect

Menstruation In Media: Concealment & Celebration | #ThePadEffect

Social media has allowed women to combat the negative and harmful ways in which menstruation has been depicted in films and popular media.
The Phenomenon That Is Maya Sarabhai

The Phenomenon That Is Maya Sarabhai

Maya Sarabhai, keeps ridiculing the middle class and it's habits, yet her insults still keep us laughing to the core, ever wondered why?
Disney Princesses

How To Be A Damsel-In-Distress: A Lesson By Disney Princesses

Disney princesses teach us valuable lessons in patriarchy – how to be saved by men, how to follow instructions, and how to stay beautiful.

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Meet Alisha Abdullah – India’s First Female Racing Champ

Alisha Abdullah is the first Indian Female National racer, who races in bikes, cars, and go-karts, thereby breaking all stereotypes on women and proving to the world how women are equal to men.
Cultural Appropriation: What Is It And Why Is It Problematic?

Cultural Appropriation: What Is It And Why Is It Problematic?

Cultural appropriation is when dominant communities use traditions & cultural artefacts of marginalized communities without permission.

Kunal Kapoor’s ‘#SoldBodies’: Where Do Sex Workers’ Rights Figure In It?

Although Kunal Kapoor appears to empathise with sex workers in his slam poem, he reverts to damaging stereotypes that strip them of autonomy.