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In this section find critical feminist analysis of pop culture in India and South Asia in the form of stories, images, videos, photos and reviews.

The TV Show Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki' Fails The Intersex Community

The TV Show ‘Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ Fails The Intersex Community

Despite having an intersex protagonist,'Shakti' is stereotypical saas-bahu soap and steers clear of actual problems faced by the community.
Dear White People

Why You Need To Be Watching Netflix’s Dear White People

Dear White People is centred on the lives of a minority group of black students navigating racial and other forms of discrimination in a predominantly white university.
Jodie Whittaker – The New Doctor

The Latest Doctor Who Is A Woman And The Internet Is Losing Its Mind

Doctor Who finally cast a woman as the Doctor after 54 years of male leads. It is so important, because representation matters!

Women In The Game Of Thrones – How Far Have They Come?

The Game of Thrones is now being battled predominantly between women. How far have the Westerosi women come since Season 1?
Fat Shaming Is The Easiest Trope For Advertisers To Fall Back On

Fat Shaming Is The Easiest Trope For Advertisers To Fall Back On

Why do corporations that have nothing to do with body image use fat shaming as their motif for advertisement? The answer is that is works.

A Feminist Reading Of Sridevi’s New Blockbuster – Mom

While Mom gets some things right in its sensitive handling of rape scenes, it reverts to some damaging tropes of rape survivor as helpless victim.

Kunal Kapoor’s ‘#SoldBodies’: Where Do Sex Workers’ Rights Figure In It?

Although Kunal Kapoor appears to empathise with sex workers in his slam poem, he reverts to damaging stereotypes that strip them of autonomy.
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman And The Refreshing Absence Of The Male Gaze

Wonder Woman is perhaps the most relatable big screen superherione I’ve come across, off-setting years of unidimensional female leads.
chick flicks

Chick Flicks And Our Love-Hate Relationship With Them

Chick flicks have created spaces for certain characters to exist, a space that has been denied to them both in literature and screen.

Super Hot Super Heroines: Unrealistic Comic Book Portrayals Of Powerful Women

From bulging breasts to super slim waists, the depiction of super heroines and female super villains in comic books is unrealistic to say the least! It is demeaning that women have to be shown in such a way to attract men's attention.

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This is what a feminist marriage looks like

This Is What My Feminist Marriage Looks Like

My feminist identity and my feminist marriage coexist and do so wonderfully, despite the judgment I faced for marrying early!
9 Women Authors Who Pioneered Postcolonial Feminism

9 Women Authors Who Pioneered Postcolonial Feminism

These women authors' writings have established the contours of feminism for us, as post-colonial subjects and as women of colour.
Living With Fibromyalgia: An Invisible And Chronic Illness

Living With Fibromyalgia: An Invisible And Chronic Illness

In a country where sensitivity to an invisible illness like fibromyalgia is abysmal, life can be very lonely indeed. A personal account.