Ambedkar's Mahad Satyagraha

The Significance Of Mahad Satyagraha: Ambedkar’s Protest March To Claim Public Water

On 20th March 1927, Ambedkar led a procession of 2,500 “untouchables” through main streets of Mahad to drink from the public Chevdar tank.
Sant Soyarabai

Sant Soyarabai: The Untouchable Saint-Poet Who Sang Against Brahminical Patriarchy | #IndianWomenInHistory

Sant Soyarabai was an untouchable poet-saint of the Varkari tradition, which allowed a transcendence of caste and gender hierarchies.
The Burning Of Holika

Reading Caste In Holi: The Burning Of Holika, A Bahujan Woman

Every Holi, we burn Holika – a Bahujan woman. Our festivals are based on Vedic & Puranic stories which suppress stories of the lower castes.
Chalo Nagpur

Chalo Nagpur: A Movement To Centre The Voices Of Dalit Women

Chalo Nagpur is an intersectional movement bringing light to the gender atrocities rampant against marginalized women in our country.
Contract Powrakarmikas protest rally

Contract Powrakarmikas Have Been Denied Their Wages: Whose Swachh Bharat Is It?

India's history of sanitation is tied to the oppression of Dalits. The powrakarmikas, mostly Dalit women, have been denied their basic rights.
Karukku by Bama

‘Karukku’: An Autobiography By Bama Exploring Her Tamil, Dalit And Christian Identity

Karukku by Bama is an elegy to the community she grew up in and her intersecting identities as a Tamil, Dalit, and Christian woman.
Urmila Pawar's 'Mother Wit'

The Truth About Fiction: Looking At Caste, Gender And Dissent In Urmila Pawar’s Short...

Urmila Pawar's fiction explores the axes of caste, class & gender and brings forth vivid everyday lived realities of Dalit women.
Remembering Rohith Vemula And Casteism In Indian Universities

Remembering Rohith Vemula And Casteism In Indian Universities

As 11 more people wait to fight an uncertain battle against a formidable enemy and an enmeshed caste system, we owe it to Rohith Vemula to stop any more Dalit dead bodies. The dreams of too many talented young people has been sacrificed at the altar of Manu. On Rohith’s Shahadat Divas, let’s pledge that there will no more. Only then will some of the guilt and agony be assuaged.
Project Heartland: Documenting Stories Of Dalit Dissent

Project Heartland: Documenting Stories Of Dalit Dissent

Project Heartland, a YouTube mini-series documents stories of Dalit men and women across Gujarat who have been struggling against the oppressive system and trying to dismantle it in their own way.
Why Manusmriti Dahan Din Is Still Relevant?

Why Manusmriti Dahan Din Is Still Relevant

I think, today, there is a need to celebrate Manusmriti Dahan Din more than ever to invoke the subordination and humiliation of women as well as "lower" caste people. Manu is not just in Manusmriti, he is also in our minds. When are we going to burn the book in there?

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‘महिला, मुस्लिम और समलैंगिगता’ पर मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के बोल

‘महिला, मुस्लिम और समलैंगिगता’ पर मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के बोल

तो आइये जानते है कि बहुमत की ताज़पोशी वाले मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के आधी दुनिया से जुड़े मुद्दों पर उनके क्या विचार है -
Fat Girl

Dear World, Thank You. Sincerely, A Fat Girl.

I am a fat girl who has survived this world, and this is my letter of gratitude to every person that has aided my self-acceptance.
Caste Bias in Private Sector

Analysing The Caste Bias In Private Sector Employment

The private sector prides itself on being "beyond" caste, class & gender barriers. Why then, are most firms dominated by the savarna castes?