Delhi Queer Pride 2015 sent out a loud and clear message against the rising intolerant of a political climate marked with moral policing, censorship, violence, casteism, communalism, food policing and every other kind of intolerance. Pride 2015 was part protest and part celebration; while the NALSA judgment recognized the rights of trans* people and sought to end discrimination, section 377 still looms large over the sexual minorities. Voices roared in unison against the slaughterers of democracy and democratic values. We marched in solidarity with minorities across the spectrum – dalits, muslims, queers, women, students, racial minorities et al.

At the end of the pride walk, representatives from different movements and protests expressed their solidarity on the stage – Pinjra Tod, Occupy UGC, and several other movements shared space with Delhi Queer Pride 2015 in an attempt to form a grand alliance, an intersectional coalition against forces that be; against forces that oppress, police and repress. The huge turn out of people – heterosexuals, homosexuals, parents of LGBTQ people – only signal a hope, a vision for a future where alternative forms of politics can intervene the normative order of things. Once we realize that discrimination is across race, class, caste, gender, religion, and sexuality, an egalitarian society would not be far behind.

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All images courtesy: Rahul Sen

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