In Posters: Know All About Sexual Harassment At The Workplace And The Law

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Partners for Law in Development (PLD) developed a set of two posters, both available in Hindi and English, on sexual harassment at the workplace. The first addresses common myths and corresponding facts relating to workplace harassment and the law. The second provides a brief overview of the content of the legislation, and answers common questions such as what is sexual harassment and what can be done for its redress. These are written in simple language to make them accessible even to people without a legal background and are attractive in their appearance.

The posters are useful for women, service-providers, employers and the general public, to put a new legislation into practice. They also enable employers to discharge their statutory obligations on building awareness and information dissemination among their workers on the new law.

PLD has also released a comprehensive resource book ‘Karyasthal Par Mahilaon Ka Yaun Utpeedan‘ on the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act. Written in simple Hindi, it is accessible to grassroots workers, committee members and lawyers alike, and enables implementation of the Act in a gender-just manner. The guide explains the provisions of the legislation, and also administrative and civil procedures not spelt out in the Act, but necessary to conduct inquiries as per the rules of natural justice. In addition, it also contains in Hindi: the text of the Act, the Rules and the Vishaka judgment, along with common myths and realities associated with sexual harassment at the workplace.

All four posters and the resource book are available at the PLD office. To place an order, please email them at

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