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Follow This Handy Checklist For When You Are Travelling Next

Travelling makes us forget things. Our travelling experiences makes us enlist what to do and what not to do for our next trip.

Thanks to globalisation, travelling has become a compulsion to some extent. I’m not talking only about travelling for leisure, but travelling for work and education as well. Most of the people you meet on flights are travelling for either of these. To me travel is always an adventure. As is packing for it! No matter where or for what you are travelling, you will always forget something and will then end up cursing yourself.

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Having had to travel extensively over the years, here are some of my feelings about packing for travel, compiled for your convenience in the form of a list:

  • I will forget something. Even if it is a safety pin. Such is life. Let it go. As long as I have documents that identify me, it will be fine.
  • Travel checklists are a pain to make the first time but can be super useful in subsequent trips.
  • Wearing multiple layers of clothes to reduce baggage weight is NOT a good idea. It will mostly only overheat you and make movement hard.
  • Put liquids in a transparent bag before leaving from home and save yourself so much hassle.
  • Have a gadget pouch where you can wrap the cords and attach the chargers and whatnot (this is not true for me currently, but, someday).
  • Wrap ALL liquids in checked baggage individually, so that when stuff does explode, it does not ruin everything.
  • If possible, spread your eggs (aka if one suitcase gets lost you aren’t totally out of socks)
  • All black luggage looks the same on the carousel: put smiley stickers, ribbons, a giant photo of yourself. It may look silly but it will definitely be less embarrassing than accidentally picking up someone else’s suitcase or worse waiting till all other suitcases have been picked up to conclude that, yes, that black piece of luggage going around the carousel forlornly is indeed yours.
  • Label spices (helpful for TSA? Also for self on landing)
  • Create fake compartments in suitcases – pack things in plastic bags (my current favourite are saree bags)
  • Label EVERYTHING as much as you can. For me, this helps me not open the entire suitcase and toss things out in the search for that one scarf or towel. This time I’ve rather classily packed things into trash bags and labelled each bag. Let’s see how it will turn out.
  • Sit on the suitcases regularly.
  • Invest in a portable travel scale. It is the BEST INVESTMENT of my life. I use it without fail and it gives me a sense of how close I am to the limit. Way more fun than doing some serious unpacking at the airport – I’ve once had to chuck shoes and gifts and it was all really sad but also incredibly annoying for me and for other customers as well.
  • Carry an empty water bottle to refill at airports. Save money, save the environment.
  • Invest in a portable charger because it is surprising how many airports don’t have functional or easily accessible charging points. Sometimes I really don’t want to sit right next to a bathroom or a vending machine just to make sure my phone is juiced.
  • If you need a million tiny meals to get through the day, carry snacks. I’ve found out that it really helps me not explode when my plane is delayed by 5 hours and most of this time is spent strapped to my seat.
    I’m sure many of you would be going through my list and nodding in cohesion and occasionally screaming out “Yes, I know right!?” in unison. I’m also sure you all have had exciting or weird experiences and habits while travelling, we all do! But, no matter what, don’t stop travelling. Let’s reclaim the public space for us, and the best way to do that is just to travel, for whatever it may be! Be safe ladies, and fun travels!

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