Comic: The Alternative Menstruation Superheroes | #ThePadEffect

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Editor’s note: Approx 125kg of sanitary waste is generated per person during their menstruating years and these sanitary napkins can take 500-800 years to break down! #ThePadEffect is a campaign to advocate for sustainable menstruation and prevent thousands of tons of sanitary waste.

Regular sanitary napkins are itchy, they can cause rashes, and also contain harmful chemicals like rayon and dioxin which can cause organ damage or even cancer. A sanitary pad is also made up 90% of plastic, making it non-biodegradable. This means it takes 600-800 years to break down, piling up on our landfills and needing to be sifted manually by garbage collectors.

Alternative menstrual products like cloth pads and menstrual cups last for years. They don’t require disposal, thus saving the word from tonnes of sanitary waste. They also create a much closer relationship between you and your body. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch now!

Comic by Harini Rajagopalan for Feminism in India

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