Bangalore Namma Pride

On the 26th of November, at around 3 PM, Bangalore witnessed thousands of people marching from Tulsi Park in Majestic Road to Town Hall celebrating the 10th Bangalore Pride March. From the colourful rainbow flag flying in all its glory to the unending dances on the streets, Bangalore Namma Pride March just had it all.

One Two Three Four, Open up your closet doors, Five six seven eight, don’t assume your kids are straight. One of the slogans used in the Namma Pride March aptly applies to this picture as this kid holds a poster saying “Live and Let Live”
The front of the march!
There cannot be a Bangalore Pride March without a style quotient!

The meeting of the flags! #KarnatakaFlag #QueerPride #OhCanada?
“My mamma told me when I was young, we’re all born Superstars” – Lady Gaga, Born This Way.
“Stigma lies in the eyes of the beholder”
La La Land for us too, kid.
Your Homophobic thoughts are not welcome here. So, please.
Care about Bangalore Traffic or Pose in your Pride March? Pose!
Love is in the air!
Note to Homophobic uncle next door!

After the March got over, there were a couple of amazing performances at Town Hall as a part of the celebrations. The Pride Party too was on schedule. This was definitely the highest ever turnout for a Pride March in Bangalore and surely a happening one too!

The Bangalore Namma Pride March began and ended on the same note: that of members of the LGBTQIA+ community gathering together on the streets and sending the message of unity, love and the right to citizenship and life out loud.

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