SocietyNews From Allegations To Resignation: A Timeline Of MJ Akbar’s Case

From Allegations To Resignation: A Timeline Of MJ Akbar’s Case

MJ Akbar is being called Harvey Weinstein of India with India’s #MeToo epidemic gaining momentum as India’s Minister of State of External Affairs resigns from his post.

MJ Akbar is being called Harvey Weinstein of India with India’s #MeToo movement gaining momentum. What started out as a tweet ended with the resignation of India’s Minister of State of External Affairs. Here is a timeline of how the chain of events unfolded.

October 8

Former Mint Lounge editor and journalist Priya Ramani, wrote in her article for Vogue India in October 2017, “You are an expert on obscene phone calls, texts, inappropriate compliments and not taking no for an answer. You know how to pinch, pat, rub, grab and assault. Speaking up against you still carries a heavy price that many young women cannot afford to pay. Sometimes you are inconvenienced when the stories get out and you are asked to take a timeout. Often, you are quickly reinstated. Why would you need to evolve, right?

Journalist Priya Ramani was the first to call Akbar out. She shared how he interviewed her in a hotel, offered her a drink (which she refused), asked her to sit next to him on the bed and even sang her romantic Hindi songs.

Next, Sujata Anandan claimed Akbar turned up drunk at her friend’s house for coffee and when she refused to go out with him made her life hell. She reacted to Priya Ramani’s tweet saying, “OMG! He turned up at my friend’s house one night for a coffee. As a single mother with a sleeping child she told him she could neither invite him in nor go out with him. From next day he made life hell for her at their workplace.”

Harinder Baweja also reacted to Priya Ramani’s tweet saying, “So many of us have an MJ story.” She further wrote how Akbar used to ask journalists if he could come over to their house with a bottle of rum.

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Prerna Singh Bindra also shared how things got nasty for her after she refused to go to Akbar’s hotel room to ‘discuss work’. She further added how Akbar used to make lewd comments.

Journalist and author Shuma Raha said that she was called for an interview with Akbar for a job at a newspaper publication in 1995. She wrote, “In this case, #MeToo. Year: 1995, Place Taj Bengal, Kolkata. After that encounter, I declined the job offer. I must clarify, however, that he didn’t actually “do” anything. But the whole experience of an interview sitting on a bed in a hotel room followed by an invitation to come over for a drink that evening, was rattling and deeply uncomfortable.”

October 9

Journalist Saba Naqvi shared her account in DailyO without actually naming Akbar. Later she confirmed that the editor in question in her account was Akbar. She shared, “Akbar often called me to his office, he also landed at my apartment once.”

October 10

Shutapa Paul shared her ordeal as a journalist in India Today 8 years ago where MJ Akbar was her boss. She shared about how MJ Akbar not only made her uncomfortable and told her “how journalists working together often ‘grew close’ and things could happen between them and how she should accompany him on his foreign visitsAt multiple occasions, she refused MJ’s overtures resulting in ill-treatment and traumatic work experience.

Renowned journalist and author Ghazala Wahab wrote a horrific and brave account in The stating how Akbar sexually and mentally abused her for months at Asian Age office in 1997 when Ghazala was a young journalist working under him. “Every time he called me in his cabin, I died a thousand times”, wrote Ghazala.

Kadambari M Wade shared her ordeal on her Twitter account of how Akbar made her uncomfortable. She recalled how she told Akbar to look at her face instead of her chest while talking to her.

Malini Bhupta, who was the deputy editor of India Today, wrote how Akbar used various tactics to “abuse and destroy you professionally, so you grovel”.

She further wrote, “Men like him are vermin… In 2010, I went on leave for three months after verbal abuse and intimidation. I then quit. Petty man wanted to sack me, and then refused to give a release letter.”

Anju Bharti shared her experience on Twitter and has since deleted her account.

Suparna Sharma, who is currently the resident editor of The Asian Age, Delhi shared “Akbar plucked my bra strap and said something that I don’t remember now.”

October 11

Journalist Kanika Gahlaut, who worked with Akbar between 1995 and 1997, says she was forewarned of his “glad eye” and that he “did it to everyone”.

October 12

Majlie de Puy Kamp came on record and told HuffPost India how she was sexually harassed by Akbar in 2007 when she was an 18 year old intern at The Asian Age. She alleged that a 56 year old Akbar shoved his tongue down her throat. Puy Kamp recalled, “He grabbed me right under my shoulders, on my arms, and pulled me in and kissed me on my mouth and forced his tongue into my mouth, and I just stood there.”

HuffPost India corroborated de Puy Kamp’s account – which has not been written about before – by reviewing emails between de Puy Kamp’s father and Akbar, and in interviews with three people who spoke to her immediately after her ordeal.

In the emails, Akbar wrote, “These are issues which are so prone to misunderstanding, that there is no point debating them. My profoundest apologies if there was anything inappropriate.”

October 13

Ruth David, a London based Bloomberg journalist shared her ordeal of sexual harassment as a teenage intern under MJ Akbar where she accused Akbar of trying to forcibly kiss her.

October 14

MJ Akbar filed criminal defamation case against Priya Ramani in a Delhi court. Out of all the women who have put allegations on Akbar, she is the only woman against whom Akbar has filed case.

October 16

Tushita Paul, wrote in Scroll, how Akbar once invited her over and opened the door in his underwear.

She further recalled, “When I reached your room, you were sullen, sitting there drinking tea and in a vile mood. You started yelling at me about being late, about my work. I was trying to mumble some words. Suddenly you got up, grabbed me and kissed me hard – your stale tea breath and your bristly moustache are still etched in the recesses of my memory.”

He allegedly did the same thing again, the next morning. ‘“Where did you disappear? I’ve been looking for you – we have to discuss your page’ And with that you ushered me into the empty conference room, grabbed me again and kissed me,” she added.

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Entrepreneur Swati Gautam claimed in an article in The Quint, that she met him in his hotel room dressed only in his bathrobe when she was a student in Kolkata and went to invite him as a guest speaker for an event.

October 17

The demand for Akbar’s resignation was raised from all fronts. Akbar, after constant defiance and denial, finally resigned as Minister of State for External Affairs.

MJ Akbar has been asked to record his statement before the court on October 31. This article will be updated further.

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