Watch: Does Women's History Matter? Here Is What Delhi Had To Say
Watch: Does Women's History Matter? Here Is What Delhi Had To Say

Do you know who designed our national flag?

When asked, people of Delhi had nothing but confusion on their faces. So we decided to make the question a bit easier. We asked them if it was designed by a man or a woman. Answers came pouring in and everyone echoed, but obvious, by a man.

FYI, it was designed by a woman. Her name was Surayya Tyabji.

March is celebrated as Women’s History Month. But why do we need to celebrate it? We reached out to Delhiites and asked them questions about women in Indian history for our #IndianWomenInHistory campaign. While most of them were unaware about the contributions of these amazing women, what was important to note that their first instinct towards questions about an accomplishment whether achieved by a man or a woman, was to answer, “by a man.”

History has been dominated by men for an awfully long time. It is because of this reason that they got to shape and write it as they please. While India was built on the contributions of thousand of amazing women, seldom do we get to hear about them. Our history books are majorly dominated by men and their accomplishments. Women rarely find their places in them. This is very toxic as it creates a myth that women have not done enough for our country.

In this video, we talk about why we ought to remember these women and celebrate their achievements. Women were not allowed to create history for a thousand of years and we need to dedicate ‘at least’ a month to redress the balance.

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