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What’s It Like Being Asexual In India | Asexuality Awareness Week

News flash: asexuality is a spectrum too! Well you must be thinking, ‘Isn’t asexuality an all-encompassing term? Well, no. Asexuality also comes in all shapes and sizes. Let’s hear it from ace folks about what it’s like being asexual in India.

“Diversity and inclusion have a far way to go within the queer community and even among the aces themselves. If there is much bi- and transphobia, then there is also ace-snubbing”, says a homoromantic graysexual person.

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“I realised I might be aromantic asexual because I am not too keen on sex nor am I interested in romance. You can be asexual and still want love, attention and long or a partner. But in my case, it’s not so”, shares an aromantic asexual man.

“I’m not sex-repulsed, I have a functional sex drive and I can most certainly orgasm. I simply don’t care for sex. I do believe in the fluidity of sexual identity and hence coming out as an asexual can be really difficult in terms of articulation”, says a biromantic asexual person.

I had no clue about asexuality or that there were other people who thought like me. During one of the many bouts of introspection, Google told me about asexuality. I immediately realized – This is me. These are my people, says a heteroromantic asexual woman.

For me, sexual attraction is fluid. I rarely feel sexually attracted towards the person from my own sex but mostly there’s an emotional and romantic attraction towards the person I like, shares a homoromantic greysexual woman.

So, remember! Asexuality is an umbrella term. Not all asexual people have similar experiences of sex, sexuality and relationships. Even within the ace community, different asexual people can identify differently.

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