SocietyNews Video: Woman Farmer At Tikri Border Explains Why The Farm Bills Do Not Benefit Farmers

Video: Woman Farmer At Tikri Border Explains Why The Farm Bills Do Not Benefit Farmers

Jashnjot Kaur Sidhu, a farmer from Punjab, explains why the farm bills do not benefit the farmers at Tikri Border.

The new farm laws passed in September 2020 have gathered much disapproval by the farmers who have been protesting the laws since August 2020. The farmers have sieged the capital’s borders since 26 November 2020 when they were stopped from entering into Delhi by the forces. Till now more than 70 farmers have died during the protests. Around eight rounds of talks have been held between farmers and the centre. However, no conclusion has been reached yet. The SC has intervened now and put a stay on the farm laws.

After Shaheen Bagh protests these protests are also witness to strong participation by women. One such woman is Jashnjot Kaur Sidhu, who has joined the protests after her father’s death in October 2020. Kaur is currently settled in Canada and came to Mihan, Singhwala, Punjab in October 2020. Her father, who was a Sarpanch died during the protest. Thence, she decided to join the protests, not as his daughter, but as a woman farmer herself who claims to be affected by these laws directly. She explains how these laws will destroy the farmers of Punjab as they did to farmers of Bihar in 2006.

Kaur drove the tractor for around 22 hours to reach Tikri border of Delhi along with her family and some other people from her village. She says that it is the society which has defined gender roles, but there is no need for women to adhere to these roles. She reaffirms that she has not come here as someone who supports the protestors, rather she has come as someone who is being affected directly. She assures that no matter how long it takes for the government to take back these laws, the protestors aim to continue with the agitation.

Watch this report to know more.

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