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Ever Heard About The Orgasm Gap?

In this series with That Sassy Thing, we take a look at the bedroom inequalities, orgasm gaps and much more!

Orgasms are fun, sexy and a great indicator of a good time. And the more the orgasms, the more fun for everyone involved. So what’s this ‘orgasm gap’ that people are talking about? And why does an ‘orgasm gap’ exist in the first place? Today, we at Feminism In India, in collaboration with That Sassy Thing, take a look!

Hmm, the term ‘orgasm gap’ sounds interesting, but what does it mean? 

Studies have found that cis-heterosexual women are the demographic having the least orgasms during sex. This is what Laurie Mintz, a University of Florida professor, termed the ‘orgasm gap’.

Really, does an orgasm gap actually exist? 

Yes! Studies have shown that the orgasm gap doesn’t just exists between heterosexual women and men; lesbian and bisexual women and people with vaginas also have significantly more orgasms than heterosexual women. 

But why does the orgasm gap exist? 

Well, there are many reasons! A major one has been the cultural ignorance of the anatomy of people with vaginas. Many people with vaginas don’t often orgasm by vaginal penetration, but experience clitoral orgasms! 

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What’s the clitoris got to do with orgasms?

Everything! The clitoris is a large internal organ composed of erectile tissue. The clitoris is in fact the only organ in the human body solely responsible for sexual pleasure. 

But let’s not ignore how we view female sexuality! 

Anatomy aside, in a patriarchal society like India, women embracing and expressing their sexuality is seen as something inherently ‘shameful’ and women are discouraged from demanding the same! 

Porn tool, perpetuates many harmful stereotypes! 

The depiction of female sexuality in the media, especially in pornography, has had a less than stellar record. Pornography either misrepresents female pleasure or privileges, and often times entirely focuses on, male pleasure.

Closing the orgasm gap, but how? 

So, how can the orgasm gap be closed? Knowing about it certainly helps! Women in heterosexual relationships should not have to fake orgasms or be afraid to address the inequality that exists in the bedroom. 

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Slide 9: Foreplay matters! 

And in partnered relationships, it is also important for partners to understand that taking their time to explore their partner’s bodies and wants and needs can also significantly help closing the orgasm gap! 

That Sassy Thing is working to demystify female sexuality! 

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