MultimediaPodcasts Podcast: The Impact Of Pop Culture Ft. Team FII

Podcast: The Impact Of Pop Culture Ft. Team FII

We grow up internalising pop culture tropes. How do they affect us? Tune in to this fun episode where the FII team members answer this question!

Through the course of Season 2 of our podcast Intersectional Feminism Desi Style, we have been looking at the dominant popular culture narratives from the lens of creators, writers, journalists and artists.

In this episode, we decided to speak to a few feminists who are also consumers of pop culture. We live in a country where popular culture is everywhere, and it impacts the self-image and social norms we internalise while growing up. It takes quite a lot of time for each of us to unlearn the problematic gender tropes normalised by pop culture, and engaging with mainstream entertainment as feminists is full of internal conflicts.

Speaking to our hosts Nishtha and Sukanya are a of our few team members from Feminism In India, who are journalists, content creators, editors and shapers of narratives, but also ardent consumers of popular culture. We have with us Purnima Sigh, FII’s Partnerships Coordinator, Shriya Roy, Multimedia Editor and Soumya Mathew, Community Editor.

Tune in to this episode for a fun, candid, no holds barred conversation on the impacts of pop culture narratives!

This podcast is available on SpotifyAppleGoogle, and six other streaming platforms via Anchor. Listen to this episode on any of your favourite streaming platforms and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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