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Call For Applications : APWLD Womanifesto Second Cycle 2021-2023

Call For Applications : APWLD Womanifesto Second Cycle 2021-2023
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Womanifesto: Combat Authoritarianism and Advance Participatory Democracy

Background: Why Womanifesto

Women’s participation and leadership in decision making at all levels, starting in the domestic sphere and extending to the highest levels of government, is a fundamental prerequisite for a just and equitable world and for participatory, accountable democracies. At present, not only are women under-represented in legislatures across the world, and particularly in Asia and the Pacific region, the socio-economic and cultural barriers make it difficult for women to fully exercise their democratic rights and political power.

Since the early 2000, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) has worked to build women’s capacity to increase women’s representation and transformative leadership in political and policy building processes. In 2018, based on the critical reflection of the state of women’s political participation and leadership, APWLD decided to adopt a new strategy called ‘Womanifesto’.  Womanifesto–women’s agenda for change–has long been used by women’s movements to ensure elections are fought around policies demanding just, equitable and transformative changes that shift power relations and uphold women’s human rights. In APWLD, the Womanifesto is envisioned as a critical organising tool for women to influence the electoral process, hold elected leaders accountable to their promises in advancing women’s human rights, equality and Development Justice, and advance feminist participatory democracy.

We are looking for applications from national and grassroot organisations led by women in all their diversities from marginalised communities, including women with disability, LBTIQ+, ethnic and religious minorities, indigenous communities. Each partner shall identify one grassroot woman organiser and one woman mentor. At least one of them should come from the community/constituent and be committed to community organising and feminist movement building. APWLD will provide the selected organisations with a small grant to employ a young woman community organiser including salary and on-costs with the approximate amount of US$ 13,000.

To apply please download the application form, fill it in according to the instructions and send it to within the deadline. For any further queries please reach out to Madhura at the given email address.

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