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Public Policy India (PPI) Is Looking For Interns

Public Policy India (PPI) Is Looking For Interns
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Who Are We?

Conceptualised and started by two young public policy professionals, Public Policy India (PPI) is a knowledge platform dedicated solely to the cause of Public Policy in India. An average Indian engages with Public Policy multiple times a day. From fretting over power cuts to meandering through potholed roads, from marvelling at instant money transfers on UPI to the lack of well-paying and productive jobs in the country, from hastily imposed lockdowns to overcrowded locals, each of these is a direct outcome of public policy.

Ours is a generation far more aware than any before. It is way more engaged with socio-political subjects, equally opinionated as well – an important trait of a healthy democracy and a functioning, free society. However, there exists a lack of critical understanding of some of these subjects that we engage with, subconsciously, on a sustained basis. PPI is a bold, honest attempt at bridging this critical gap, one which we believe ultimately impinges on the way our governments function, our societies are shaped and ultimately the lives that we lead.

Want to intern at PPI and help us build the platform as we expand and grow? Here’s your chance! We’re looking for an intern to join us from 1st July for a full-time, remote, paid internship in a Strategy and Operations role.

Duration: 2 months, full time.

The internship will involve a time commitment of 40-50 hours a week and a stipend of Rs. 5K / month (Rs. 10K for the duration).

  • This is a full time internship and not a part time role. We have a lot planned as we move towards the one-year completion of PPI this coming 15th August, 2021 and we’re all hands on deck.
  • You have an edge if you are well-versed with design softwares like Canva, though this isn’t mandatory as we’re happy to teach!
  • In your email application, we would be happy to hear from you what is it you think we could differently or what other platforms/products we could give thought to. Gives your application an edge as well!


There is no bar on age, background or occupation of the candidate. You could be in college or a professional with experience. As long as you have the time, all we care about is your passion for Public Policy, your skills and most importantly, willingness to learn and grow.

Send your CV to apply!

Deadline: 25th June, 2021 (Friday) midnight.

What Can You Expect?

Over and above the Internship Completion Certificate and Stipend, you get mentorship and a chance to build out this exciting platform with the PPI team, the impact of which would extend far beyond the tenure of the internship itself.

For more information, please click here.

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