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Everest Masala Now Comes With Gender Roles Served With Dinner

The commercial starts with a woman in her office, thinking of, or rather vividly picturing her daughter asking her "Aaj kya banega?" (What will...

Dear Amul, Why Do Toys Have Gender Roles?

The media is constantly bombarding us with images - billboards, commercials, films, sitcoms - all of which have a huge impact on the way...

Mona Lisa Smile: A Fascinating Depiction of Performing Gender Codes

Mona Lisa Smile begs the Zizekian question- where is the ‘freedom of choice’?

Understanding Gender And Rethinking Gender Roles

In 'Night to his Day', Judith Lorber highlights the paranoia of classifying the gender of a person right from the moment of birth. She shows...
popular media gender-sensitive

17 Ways Popular Media Like Television & Cinema Could Be More Gender-Sensitive

We have compiled a set of recommendations which the popular media could follow to make their content more gender-sensitive.

Women In India: On Contradictions and Clichés

“One of the most enduring clichés about India is that it is the country of contradictions. Like all clichés, this one too has a...
9 Things An Indian Woman Needs Freedom From This I-Day

9 Things An Indian Woman Needs Freedom From This I-Day

Despite being a free nation, women are need freedom from basic things in India. This article lists down some of them.

Why Women’s Rights In Sports Is Also A Feminist Issue

USA beat Japan last night, but do women in sports get their due?

Here’s How Advertisements Break And Redefine Gender Stereotypes

Advertisements are used to sell stuff to people who might not need it in the first place. That is the main reason corporations spend...

16 Powerful Stories Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Gender refers to socially constructed roles that are considered to be appropriate for individuals of a given sex in a given culture. Such gender...

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What Neha Shoree's Murder Tells Us About Punjab's Drug Problem

What Neha Shoree’s Murder Tells Us About Punjab’s Drug Problem

Dr. Neha Shoree, an official of the State Government of Punjab's Food and Drug Administration wing, was shot dead on 29th March, in broad daylight, in her office.
surayya tyabji woman who designed indian flag

Surayya Tyabji: The Woman Who Designed Our National Flag | #IndianWomenInHistory

Despite the design of the national flag being popularly credited to Pingali Venkayyah, Surayya Tyabji was the one who came up the final design.
10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements We Should Be Celebrating

10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements In 2018 We Should Be Celebrating

While both psychological and physical disabilities are stigmatised by society, here are ten women with disability who kicked ass in 2018.