Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

In this section, find articles, reviews, art work, poems, interviews, resources and professional services on mental health & wellness by Feminism in India.

sadness versus depression

Why We Must Learn To Distinguish Between Sadness And Depression

Depression is a mental illness and goes beyond sadness. Conceptual clarity is a crucial in increasing awareness about mental health.
Shampa Sengupta

In Conversation With Shampa Sengupta About Disability Rights

Shampa Sengupta is a Kolkata based activist who has been working on gender & disability issues for more than 25 years.

Med-Me-Not: Why The Stigma Around Medicines For Mental Illness?

People, whether they have a mental illness or not, often tend to think of medicines as an absolute no-no. The answer, in fact, lies with you.
Mo(u)rnings: On Waking Up With Morning Sadness

Mo(u)rnings: On Waking Up With Morning Sadness

A soft sadness blankets me in the mornings. I wake up with a rush of sorrowful thoughts. Without effort, my brain runs through a list of sad things that are happening around me. Then I think about the past and all the losses and all the broken things. It is a whirlwind rewinding of a lifetime.
The Late Night Diary Of An Anxiety Ridden Insomniac

The Late-Night Diary Of An Anxiety-Ridden Insomniac

I have PTSD, an anxiety disorder formed by persisting traumatic events. I wrote this, with difficulty, for others dealing with mental illness.
36 Days of Type - K for Kafkaesque

This Artist Used The 36 Days Of Type Project To Talk About Mental Health...

Harini Rajagopalan used the 36 Days Of Type Project to talk about mental health. The resulting images are simple, evocative and brilliant.

Trust Me, Therapy Helps: Notes From A Recent Believer

Therapy is not just you unloading to a stranger. It is you talking about your issues and someone nudging you towards making sense of it and then slowly helping you tweak your thought process and perspective so that things don’t seem so grim anymore.
Living with mental illness

The Answer Is In The Attempt: Living With Mental Illness

Narratives about mental illness are often expected to provide a message of hope. I am not here to tell the world that things will be okay.
Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression: Deromanticizing Motherhood

Some women get postpartum depression after childbirth, leading to guilt for not wanting to care for the baby in the way expected of them.
Recovery from therapy

Part 4: How Do I Know Therapy Is Working?: What To Expect From Recovery

My story of recovery is like most stories of recovery - you get functional, even jubilant, then you crash, and regress. Do not stop therapy.

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भारत में क्वीयर मुसलमान होना - मेरी कहानी

भारत में क्वीयर मुसलमान होना – मेरी कहानी

क्वीयर होना अपने आप में एक खूबसूरती है, क्योंकि आप समाज में स्थापित सिसजेंडर हैट्रोपैट्रिआरकी को ठेंगा दिखाकर अपने मूल जैविकी व लैंगिकता के साथ जीना शुरू कर देते है।
The Phenomenon That Is Maya Sarabhai

The Phenomenon That Is Maya Sarabhai

Maya Sarabhai, keeps ridiculing the middle class and it's habits, yet her insults still keep us laughing to the core, ever wondered why?
How To Bleed Sustainably – Anywhere And Everywhere

How To Bleed Sustainably – Anywhere And Everywhere | #ThePadEffect

Want to have a sustainable period, but are worried about your hectic schedule? Here's how you can bleed sustainably, no matter where you are.