Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

In this section, find articles, reviews, art work, poems, interviews, resources and professional services on mental health & wellness by Feminism in India.


6 Steps To Fall In Love With Yourself: Practicing Self-Love In A World That...

I first felt the desperate need for self-love when I was tired of how much society fuelled the idea of me hating every part of myself.
Part 3: What Do I Expect In My First Therapy Session?

Part 3: What To Expect In My First Therapy Session

Continue therapy sessions, and suddenly you’ll find that the voice of your therapist is now becoming your inner voice and you’re on the road to getting better.
Single Woman Eating TakeOut

What To Do When Your Ex Is Considering Marriage And You’re Living Alone Eating...

Your ex is considering marriage and you are living alone, eating takeout for one, creating little adventures in life, planning trips and dates for yourself, discovering happiness in the little and big things about you and growing into the wonderfully, authentic person that you are. Hey, that isn't half bad!
Women Being Emotional Risk Being Called Hysterical

I Learned The Hard Way That Being Emotional Was Okay

Patriarchy and harassment in public spaces, both online and offline are acceptable, but emotional expression is not. Women’s emotional reactions are stigmatised as ‘crazy,’ ‘hysterical’ and ‘irrational.’
Miriam's (Useless) Guide On Depression

Miriam’s (Useless) Guide On Depression

Depression is a complicated and debilitating illness. To put it into a form where those who have experienced it are able to identify with it and those who have never had it, to learn something from it, calls for incredible talent.
How Do I Know This Therapist Is Right For Me?

Part 2: How Do I Know If This Therapist Is Right For Me?

Finding the right therapist is of immense importance, if you’ve decided to opt for therapy. You’ll find you don’t know who to go for, in the beginning. Should I see a psychiatrist or a psychologist or just a counselor?
"Do I Need A Therapist?": These 3 Things Will Help You Decide

Part 1: “Do I Need A Therapist?” – These 3 Things Will Help You...

"I am sad/unhappy/out of control. How do I know I need help?" These three things will help you decide if you need to see a therapist.
toxic families

Toxic Families: Beyond The “Ideal” Family

Let's talk about a heavily tabooed yet extremely important topic, that is, toxic families.
Mental Health Professionals, Crowdsourcing and the Power of Lists

Mental Health Professionals, Crowdsourcing And The Power Of Lists

Crowdsourced list of mental health professionals across the country who are trustworthy by iCall - a helpline run by TISS.
Podcasts, Poetry, Music: How The Arts Took Up The Fight For Mental Health

Podcasts, Poetry, Music: How The Arts Took Up The Fight For Mental Health

As conversation around mental health grows in India, we look at how people are using creative mediums like poetry, cinema, music, and stand-up comedy to fight the stigma around it.

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‘महिला, मुस्लिम और समलैंगिगता’ पर मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के बोल

‘महिला, मुस्लिम और समलैंगिगता’ पर मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के बोल

तो आइये जानते है कि बहुमत की ताज़पोशी वाले मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ के आधी दुनिया से जुड़े मुद्दों पर उनके क्या विचार है -
Fat Girl

Dear World, Thank You. Sincerely, A Fat Girl.

I am a fat girl who has survived this world, and this is my letter of gratitude to every person that has aided my self-acceptance.
Caste Bias in Private Sector

Analysing The Caste Bias In Private Sector Employment

The private sector prides itself on being "beyond" caste, class & gender barriers. Why then, are most firms dominated by the savarna castes?