Wednesday, February 19, 2020


In this section, find articles on intersectionality and Indian feminism including critical pieces on caste, class, body, violence, sexuality, gender and masculinity.

Irom Sharmila, AFSPA And The Quest For Freedom In Manipur

The irony is AFSPA is a ‘national security measure’. The Act provides extraordinary powers to the armed forces: to shoot to kill, arrest without warrant, and enter any premises for search and seizure.

Rape Culture And Porn Ban In India

Speaking on the porn ban in India, the Telecom & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "Although porn is legal in other countries, it needs...

How Do We See The ‘L’ In LGBT?

Quite recently, we all stepped forward and expressed our support and happiness at the SCOTUS Judgement with our rainbow coloured display pictures and #lovewins...
Why You Should Love Your Post-Surgery Body

Why You Should Love Your Post-Surgery Body

A personal take on the stigma attached to a post-surgery body especially in the arranged marriage market.

15 Books You Must Read To Understand Same-Sex Sexuality In India

Here's a curated – by no means exhaustive – list of books you can read to deepen your understanding of same-sex sexuality in India.

A Story Of The Culture Of Domestic Violence

Padma* reckons she is about 22 years old. Having married before she turned 18, she has 2 small children. Her family had moved in as...

Why Women’s Rights In Sports Is Also A Feminist Issue

USA beat Japan last night, but do women in sports get their due?

To Be A Part Of The Feminist Movement: 10 Tips To My Male Friends

Feminism sometimes suffers from misinterpretation, social trolling, and a sort of xenophobia (as if it's a strange object) and hence its voice needs to reach the male audience, who play a significant role inside the patriarchal cage.

Don’t Mancriminate – A Sad Marketing Ploy To Grab Eyeballs!

I recently came across a video titled Don’t Mancriminate which is part of a campaign that claims to fight for ‘men's rights’. The almost-five...

An Open Letter To The Supreme Court Of India On Legalising Same-Sex Marriages

Dear Supreme Court of India, Owing to the basic tendency (reduced yet unavoidable) of us, the East, to derive notions and lifestyles from the West, how about...

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Why I Am Not So Fond Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Anymore

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is homophobic, sexist, racist, transphobic and a show full of gender stereotypes like any other sitcom.

What Is The Controversy Around Keeladi Excavation In Tamil Nadu?

These marks are found to be engraved after the pot is dried, indicating that these marks were not made by the potter but by the user, mostly women who must have had a high literacy level.
Darjeeling: Women's Labour Behind Our Cups Of Tea

Darjeeling: Women’s Exploited Labour Behind Our Cups Of Tea

Indeed, our cup of tea from Darjeeling comes with a burden of those several workers who do not get to taste the fruit of their own labour.