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What Neha Shoree's Murder Tells Us About Punjab's Drug Problem

What Neha Shoree’s Murder Tells Us About Punjab’s Drug Problem

Dr. Neha Shoree, an official of the State Government of Punjab's Food and Drug Administration wing, was shot dead on 29th March, in broad daylight, in her office.
surayya tyabji woman who designed indian flag

Surayya Tyabji: The Woman Who Designed Our National Flag | #IndianWomenInHistory

Despite the design of the national flag being popularly credited to Pingali Venkayyah, Surayya Tyabji was the one who came up the final design.
Feminism And Raksha Bandhan—A Balancing Act?

Feminism And Raksha Bandhan—A Balancing Act?

If Raksha Bandhan is so fixated on the idea that it strengthens sibling bonds, then instead dictating the women, brothers should stand up as feminist allies and support their sisters in fighting against those aspects that make them disadvantaged.