Because men are “wired that way”
Because men ”cannot control themselves”
Because men were “born to prey”
Because “men will be men”

Save these excuses for the weak men.
Save them, for I refuse to listen.
Save it for I’ve known stronger men,
Who know better than to shame a woman.

Scrutinize me, top to toe.
Now you’ll label me the “whore”
Go ahead & find more reasons to get even.
But for heaven’s sake, do you realize,
I was only seven?

Are you still going to discuss the possibility,
The reason the man’s hand,
found the meeting of my thighs,
Was because I may have been “dressed provocatively?”

Will you still tell me,
That I should have known,
My skinny bruised legs, all of 7 years old,
Was what it took to “turn a man on?”

As you go on to find reasons,
to justify such men.
I say “save these excuses for the weak men”
Excuse us strong women,
For we’ve known stronger men.

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