Feminism In India: Year 2014 In Review

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2014: the year we were born

The year has definitely been a roller-coaster ride. We finally went live! After a year of educating and agitating our members on various social media platforms and holding campaigns in universities in Delhi, we finally built a home for ourselves and went live.

The transition from a mere Facebook page and Twitter account to a #INeedFeminism campaign to a now a movement is complete: feminisminindia.com. The revolution started with YOU. We started in August 2014 and in just five months we published 75 stories from about 40 contributors. That’s quite a start! We’re grateful to each and every one of our contributors who made this possible.

Below is a look at how 2014 was for Feminism In India. Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year, and hope you’ll join us in growing strength by strength in 2015.

feminisminindia.com FII 2014

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About the author(s)

Japleen smashes the patriarchy for a living! She is the founder-CEO of Feminism in India, an award-winning digital intersectional feminist media platform. She is also a TEDx speaker and a UN World Summit Young Innovator. Japleen likes to garden, travel, swim and cycle.

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