When art speaks for change, the result is overwhelming. Here are ten fabulous photos of feminist art activism as campus graffiti at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

Graffiti – the art of writing/painting on walls – is not yet a big concept in India, though one can see many new young artists picking up from their counterparts in the West, and gearing up for Street Art festivals. Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of the most politically active universities based in New Delhi, follows the tradition of graffiti since ages.

One can find wall art everywhere, ranging from hostel canteens to the university library to various departments. Every inch of JNU walls scream art and highlight social issues which vary from price rise to gender rights, from Naxal politics to international issues such as occupation of Palestine and rise of the global left. The wall art also serves as a running commentary on current affairs in the country and the world. To see and know more about artwork in JNU, check out this page.

1. Speak up/ Awaaz uthao!


2. WHO reports that 35% of women worldwide have experienced violence. In the 21st century. Shame!


3. Around 30 middle-aged women walked naked through Imphal to the Assam Rifles headquarters, shouting: “Indian Army, rape us too… We are all Manorama’s mothers.”


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4. A woman’s struggle in India starts right from the moment she is conceived in the womb till she dies. Female infanticide is still rampant in India.


5. On 2 November 2000, Irom Sharmila began a hunger strike which is still on. Ironically, she was also on trial for attempted suicide.



6. The revolution will be feminist or it won’t be. Occupy patriarchy.


7. We produce, we eat, we earn, we live.


8. ‘Sinful’ women will rise.


9. We will fight till the very end.


10. “Irrespective of how much you break me, I will rise from my own ashes.”


Disclaimer: I do not lay claim to the artwork and neither do I support nor promote any political party.

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