war on our bodies

We wear war on our bodies,
Draping them sensually over our bosom,
Look at us. Hold your gaze while your thoughts run wild.
Our unkissed lips entice you,
The lock of hair on our face captivates you,
And we smile that smile, that melts, provokes and let’s go.

We are the tease, the seductress in disguise;
We are bad women, witches from the deep dark spaces;
We fight with our tongues you’d rather engage,
We defend with our hands you’d want around your manhood,
We tease, we revolt, we repeat.

Oh the monstrosity of our actions;
Our waist swaying while we march,
Our eyes smoldering under the kohl lined lashes;
They are so inviting while we shout,
We are sexy in our denial,
You see consent while our mouth forms no,
You see shyness in our looking away from you,
Willingness in our lovely long legs showing

Your mind takes it all in and in one swift motion,
You have defined us with your imagination,
Given us meaning with your judgment,
And taken us hostage in your lust,
While rendering us powerless with your dominion.

Featured Image Credit: A sketch by the author

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