This is a story about a common girl, who was bitten by rabid dogs on her way back from work.

girl walking 16 december 2012

girl attacked 16 december 2012

The attack was so vicious that it made headlines.

news 16 december 2012

in hospital 16 december 2012

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The saddest part was how WE as a society, reacted to this incident.

politician 16 december 2012

advise 16 december 2012

By now you’d have guessed this is about the Delhi incident that happened on 16 December 2012 when six men brutally gang-raped a young woman and physically assaulted her male friend in a moving bus!

young dog 16 december 2012

If this is a problem concerning everyone (even the male folk) would they still talk themselves into ‘adjusting’? Won’t they seriously think about eradicating the ‘problem’?

Perhaps some serious empathy would help here!

empathy 16 december 2012

Why aren’t we thinking that these kind of incidents happen in a society which is dysfunctional and sick and not in a society which boasts of its great sanskaar/kalacharam?

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